Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Simple Woman’s Daybook


For today August 25, 2010

Outside my window….

rain, rain and more rain. It is a soft rain the kind that soaks deep into the ground. Love days like these, they are calming and relaxing.

I am thinking…

schedules and how no matter how much planning you do. Things always are changeable and not the stress over it. God is in control and he will manage it better then I will ever.

I am thankful….

for a husband that cares about me. And bends over backwards to give me my desires.

I am wearing..

pink sundress

I am remembering…

all the God loving people God has placed in my path through the years. What a blessing to have been given. Some are still here and others came and went.But they all left a mark in some form.

I am creating…

free motion quilting!!!! Yes you read that right. My husband found me an awesome machine. I sat yesterday free motioning the Breast Cancer quilt. If things go well I will have it completed today.

I am praying…

for a friend just found her dad has cancer. My dear friend just lost her mom to cancer. She amazes me with her smile and her generosity. Watching her causes me to reflect on myself and how I react in trials.

From the kitchen….

ham, broccoli and cheese casserole with warm buttered bread

fried chicken drumettes

turkey with gravy and stuffing

country fried steak and mashed potatoes and country gravy

I am hoping…

this rain last all day. Will make for a real good school day for us.

From the learning rooms…

daily math lesson, LLATL including spelling. We alternate the science, history and bible truth. This year we are doing more reading and my children have already jumped on board when they heard they will be receiving a free personal pizza.

I am hearing…

baby girl watching PBS behind me. The two middle boys cleaning cages of their hamsters and the oldest out handling trash and morning feeding of the animals.

Around the house…

calmness be practiced, nice speech to our siblings and working together, helping each other. Morning chores are just about done and we will begin school.

A few plans for the rest of the week….

yesterday was the first of our extra curricular activities. This week end will be the kick off to our one orchestra. We have Saturday and Sunday with the MAYS. Then on Monday we begin our local orchestra through the local school system.

Here is a picture I would like to share.

momma cat with her new babies and her baby from her first litter.. He babysits, tends to them and cleans them.



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Blessing to your family.


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Felicity said...

Starting with the orchestras sounds so good! Hope it'll be a good year for them.
Soft rain is always so nice and calming. I wish we could have some rain right now, even just for a day, but our rain is only due in about October, MAYBE September.