Sunday, September 5, 2010

Taking time today…

Today I took time for me and some things I wanted to do but never had time for.

For along time I have wanted to upload some of my cd’s to I tunes so I could have them on my I phone. Especially now that my I phone or Pandora is all I ever listen to in the truck. (and I am spending a lot of time in the truck again).

Well on the computer today actually doing things(more then poking in on people with blogs and facebook) I decided to quickly up date what I have been doing.

First lots of home schooling. We are doing great in math, just about caught up with LLATL. Doing more reading this year then in the past. I am feeling very good over our progress. Hopefully this year will stay calmer around the holidays. So that we are not taking as much time away from school work. The nice thing is all four of my children are working so much more independently.

Here is a picture of that special quilt (thank you honey for my wonderful sewing machine).  I have it all wrapped up to send to my mother. With special message stitched in the binding and each pink ribbon.


I am now finally working on a camouflage rag quilt for pooh bear. He has been asking for a long time. Everyone has one from mom but him, it is his turn. This is the first rag quilt so far seems to be very easy. Can’t wait until it is done and we wash it. All those cuts will fluff and they say it gets softer each time it is washed. Perfect for this winter for him.


also spent time playing with the embroidery part of the machine. My poppy loves butterflies and purple. This was the day we had company also. Aunt Arla and our four cousins came all the way up to visit us, and share in the joy of  my new machine.


The children and I did take a break and meet daddy one evening to have fun swimming.


We have had a great start to music this year. All four are very excited to be back in their orchestra’s. Makes a mothers heart swell with joy listening to them practice every evening as I cook dinner.


Hopefully I will be back this week to do my simple woman’s daybook. According to hubby this is going to be a very full week and he is needing me even more then normal. This is answered prayer, work for hubby. Thank Jesus!

Couple more thing to check off that to do list for myself.

Blessing to your week friends,


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