Monday, October 25, 2010

Week in pictures

From orchestra to a fabulous concert then a  homeschoolers Harvest party and Bike week with date night and two having fun with my phone. Found even this week baby girl knows how to email pictures from my phone. Should have seen the look on her face when confronted over it.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

simple-woman-daybook-smallFor Today October 25, 2010

Outside my Window….

sunny, dry weather. Pray we get some rain soon, the dirt roads are dust. We are still having wonderful warm weather very inviting to spend the day outside playing.

I am thankful….

for having wonderful friends in my life, that I get to spend every weekend with.

I am thinking about…..

our trip to Disney, the four children and I are trying to go tomorrow.

From the learning rooms….

we are working diligently at staying on task daily. My oldest is now caught up in his LLATL. We did make a change in his history to Beautiful from BJU. He is such a reader that this is more adapted to him. My next son saw all the literature and very frankly announced he was not doing that when his time came. We will see. he has several years before that comes. We practice music daily and have lessons 4 times a week.

From the kitchen….

tonight homemade fried chicken broccoli and stuffing. Tomorrow chili or burritos. Wednesday sandwiches and soup long night. Thursday Chicken and  dumplings portion of it to go to a friends sick dad.

I am wearing…

a denim skirt and blue tank top. still dressing like summer.

I am creating…

should what I have finished I have many things I am working on. Sometimes to many at once. I did finish my knitted market bag this weekend, I also made a cello bib with embroidered front for a very important friend. Know to make one for my other dear friend. I am still hand quilting my lap quilt, doing another rag quilt for my other son and a dress for my daughter then a top for myself. Now just to find the time to complete each project. And my poor husband is still waiting on his afghan I started 2 yrs ago. It is huge and single crochet. Would like to have it for him soon.

I am going to …

today and tomorrow the public school is off, which means two of our extra activities are cancelled. This is good it gives us a rest and hopefully get to Disney tomorrow. Waiting to hear from our friend that we asked to go with us.

I am reading..

Milly Molly Mandy with the two younger children.

I am hoping and praying..

work continues for my husband, he has been so busy that it is an answer to prayer.

I am hearing

my son on his cello, blessing and joy to my heart to hear him just go in and practice all on his own again. Has been awhile since he has had the desire to pick it up after losing his cello buddy and teacher Mr. May. Thank  you to Mr. Miller, Mrs. May and Emily to help restore his love.

Around the house….

laundry being done, music practice, two younger ones outside somewhere kind of to quiet. Oldest is reading his literature for history.

One of my favorite things…

hearing my children play their instruments

A few plans for the rest of the week…

emails to be sent out, orchestra Wednesday, Disney trip and school work to be done. Hopefully a grocery trip in there soon.

Here is a picture I would like to share….


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Blessing to your week and thank you for stopping by and being apart of our home.



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My husband always takes care of me.


Even better then I dreamed of getting

My old stove had no insulation in it, not sure how a company can do that.
Every time I used my old one the house was hot and I received a burn to my knee.
This one has speed bake, two ovens and a warmer all the burns are expandable.
And self cleaning with a bake timer and a delay timer. Every bell and whistle a stove could have.
I just can't even believe my husband found this gem on Craiglist.
Sunday he surprised me with it.
Now I have to learn to cook with it.
It cooks so different then my old that last night everyone ended up with fried eggs, instead of over easy.

I am in love!!!!

P.S Uncle Bob it won't sweat you out of the house on Thanksgiving.
 Won't even know I am cooking except by the yummy smells of turkey and pumpkin pie!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blackberry pudding yum and our week in pics

Part of school this week we made blackberry pudding. It was really good! Will be adding this to my recipes.
I love hearing my children want to do school. They are so enjoying Milly Molly Mandy. I ended up break up the crust and mixing it in and it was delicious.

Here is what two of my children looked like Saturday morning. They just didn't agree with 5:30am wake up.

The other two were awake and playing in the third row seat the whole way.
 My daughter and her friend at orchestra this week

One of the things I haven't told you about. These little items made with sculpy. Well they are now charcoal in the yard. They sat to long and when baked by my 9 yr old son they caught on fire. Love to find my children do listen to all that I have taught. Was our first time experience with a fire extinguisher.
Thank God for his protection no one was hurt. The only fatality was the toaster oven.

Baby girl decided a couple weekends ago that she had to have a painted box.She ran around all day happy as can be dressed as a box.

baby girl taking pic of baby kitten. This was just to precious

Here I am driving to orchestra. Trying to get a nice picture for my Facebook.

baby girl demonstrating at orchestra

Our neat find in Orlando. We told the boys they can wash their own clothes now.
One was actually falling for it.

My talented children practicing this week at both their orchestras

kitten napping in the sun

My oldest son, I am so proud of the young man he has grown into.
He was funny we were playing with taking pictures. In one we both had the same silly look.
He said no one can say we aren't related. That touched my heart.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So much I want to post

I am here to apologize to everyone. I so enjoy posting things here and reading and learning from others.
This year I have really been concentrating on my children. They are here with me for such a short time in our life. That I want them to know how important they are: I don't want them thinking that the computer and everyone else is more important then them.
This year we are going more then normal with a added orchestra to our schedule then what was going to be one day extra has turned into 2 days. I am grateful for this opportunity my children have.

I do have pictures to post of them all playing.

As I am typing my children at this moment are waiting on me: we are making blackberry puddings from our Milly Molly Mandy comprehension together. This has been great time spent with 2 of my children.

 I am leaning to listen to my children and what makes them feel loved and special to mom and dad.

We will take a photo and post how our pudding comes out.

Will be back with some pictures for all to see hopefully by week end.

Have a blessed week