Saturday, December 3, 2011

Second shot

We went Friday for my boy to have his second dose of rabies vaccine. He is so brave, each time they have to switch arms. This time he had a mild headache and upset tummy afterwards.
It is hard as a mom to make your child go through all these shots. Not sure how parents did yrs ago when the rabies shots were much worse. My dad told about when he had to go through it as a child. I am very, very thankful my boy is not having to experience it.
Two more times then he will be done.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Extra thankfulness

The week of Thanksgiving became very overwhelming. I found one thing in the mix to be thankful for, my dear friend.

As I write this post today and things are returning to normal I can see the blessings and the items to be thankful for. It is not always easy while in the storm to see clearly. I am blessed with Christian friends that come along my side and help me see.

1.) thankful for a husband that saw I needed a break and helped it happen.

2.) for my girlfriend that prays with me, loves my children and is there for me always.

3.) my mom is alive and for God directing the ER Dr to find she had had a small heart attack.

4.) that God answered prayers and my dad has returned to my life. That we saw each other and planning to see each other again.

5.) God knew what was ahead of us with my son and he provided the means so that when it did happen he would be taken care of.

6.) brave little boy who still isn't upset with the cat that bit him. That he has been brave and strong while enduring all the shots he has had to receive.

7.) a break from hosting the Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family. We had a small one just us and I found peace and joy in my kitchen preparing for my guys. With my baby girl by my side helping.

Had a wonderful 4 day weekend on our vacation from life. Enjoyed our children with out demands of school, commitments or work.

Happy late Thanksgiving to all! May you have also received many blessings

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I can finally reveille

This summer I mentioned a few times about a very special gift I was working on.
I also promised to post pictures after I gave my very special friend her gift.

So here they are....

I didn't take a picture of the embroidery on the back corner.
But it had their names, wedding date inside a beautiful heart with the words all because two people fell in love...

I love you Em,

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Made from the heart

My dearest and oldest friend's youngest is having his first born in just a few weeks.

I am so excited for them, when I heard the wonderful news, I just had to make something special for their bundle of joy.

I always loved the handmade blankets that each of mine received they were perfect.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Needed a change

So last month I was on Pinterest. Have you heard of Pinterest really cool site wonderful ideas in one place. It is as you have a ton of people searching the web for ideas for you.

Anyways I found a cute hairdo, that was much shorter then mine and had taken a while to grow.

I had a ton of support to take the plunge into the new do. After a few weeks of telling myself just do it. You really need a new look. Come on it still is feminine it still can be put up and it looks in style. JUST GO DO IT.

Well here is my fear....hairdressers with scissors. I don't trust hairdressers when they get scissors in their hands near my head! (one to many cut crazies came near my head)

I have one hair dresser I trust 100% who use to do my hair every month and I looked fab everytime. (I use to go in and let her do what ever she wanted) The economy is where seeing her is an expense that is not an option. I do miss her magic.

So with much question I went to a lady from our church, I have seen her work and she knew how scared I was, and took the plunge.

And I am loving that I did! :)

I have found another hairdresser to trust.

Thank you Philippi.

They have an App for that.....

As I was sitting here this morning thinking about how I do everything thru my iPhone. I began thinking to bad they don't have a Blogger app.

There is an app for everything else?

Well, well, well lookie, lookie they DO have an app for that, Blogger has an app. This changes everything, I can post quickly now and with pics! No more plugging and transferring and waiting on laptop to load and connect.

Oh I have my blog back :) <3 (I am squealing with excitement)

Oh I have so much to talk about now....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

so much changing

Wow so many changes on blogger. I don't post very often so with these changes I am feeling new to blogger all over again. I like reading blogs, when I started blogging I enjoyed it very much. Now Facebook has become so easy to post pictures and type instantly over things happening. I end up neglecting the blog.

Life also has changed so much with my family since I first began the blog. I made a conscience desicion to not spend so much time on the computer, but more time with my children. When I read the poem Spunky made and heard my children  complain about mom on the computer it hurt deep at the loss I was hearing. The other thing that went was the phone conversations. I have heard complaints about me never calling, well that is because I have 4 children that I am raising. They will not be here with me as I have them now. I want a real relationship with my children as they grow up and out. I want them to want to share their life with me and want me to be part of their life. Well if i don't give it to them now they will not be there later.

I have even thought about closing the blog since I dont keep up very well, then I rememebered I didn't start blogging for everyone else. I started for me, a place I could post events and memories of our life to share with our family, that miss out on our daily life.

It is great that everyone has wanted to share in our happiness and cried with us in our sad times and prayed right along with us in our life. I have received many blessings through this blog.
My life is in place where it comes last at the moment. I am needing more time in Gods word and more time with my family.

I will post but it will be very random as my chicks are being raised and as the seasons of our life keep changing. I do hope to keep seeing most of you here when I do post, but I am not promising much from the blog for awhile.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I am another year older

So this week I had my ?? birthday. I received so many birthday wishes that it really made my day. My friends made sure that my other friend knew and that the kids at choir that day told me happy birthday. This year I am really feeling blessed with the women he has put in my life. They are caring, thoughtful and there anytime, including being my prayer partners.

Life has not slowed down, so once a week I have made a day for the kids and I to regroup and relax. As my 4 grow, it seems they just have more things they are involved in. (something I looked forward too).
My husband and the 3 boys are practicing with an orchestra group for Christmas at church and they also have a quartet they are working on, also for Christmas.

So far my oldest is really liking dual enrollment in our local college. Sometimes I find myself looking at him remembering it was not long ago I was holding him in my arms. When a mommy smile, kiss and hug made everything better.

My walking plan has not gone as I thought with the 3 younger in tow. They love nature and exploring and climbing. I on the other hand want to move and fast so I can benefit. So with some very warm days that were humid we sat and accomplish some book work. We are still chipping away at math, this year I am really seeing how I can incorporate several subjecst together including bible. We are doing a lot of reading I am thankful for baby girl so LOVES to read. So my oldest and my youngest are my readers.

I am off for sleep, don't have the energy I use too.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gooseberry giveaway

Over at HOMESTEADER'S HEART Kim is giving away a book from Gooseberry Patch.
Don't really want to share so I have a better chance to win, but blogging about the giveaway gives me a 5th entry.

This series from Gooseberry looks like it would be a wonderful addition to any home.

Best of luck to all that enter.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Simple Woman’s Daybook


For Today August 20, 2011

Outside my Window….honestly I don’t know, have been hibernating inside all day. I am sure it is super buggy and hot, hot, hot outside and I don’t like it. Curtains are drawn closed to help keep the house cool. It gets depressing at times since it is a cave all summer.

I am thinking….about money and how God doesn’t want us to want it but how this world is all about it. Every time I turn around more money is needed for something and everything is getting more and more expensive.

I am thankful….for a teenage son that reads his bible completely on his own.

From the learning rooms…. our first week into the new school curriculum, I feel it was a good choice for this year.

In the kitchen…..tonight black beans, sausage, rice and corn bread. Made a big pot of spaghetti sauce for tomorrow night, since it will be long day.

I am wearing….dark blue capri pants and my favorite pink tee.

I am creating… two very special gifts. Can’t share until delivered.

I am going….to fix dinner shorty then go over and join my children to watch a movie.

I am wondering……how to tell the difference between God’s doing and our own doing. 

I am reading……school books, including bible verses on thankfulness. This is the first book in a series.

I am hoping and praying…..for a friend and her family. As they see a dr. on Tuesday.

I am looking forward to….our extra activities starting this week.

I am hearing….a The Pink Panther movie and my oldest practicing his guitar chords. He is working on playing the guitar for the worship team at church.

Around the house…. has been a quiet rest day. As this is the last week we have of no schedule.

I am pondering… can someone see themselves as a positive happy person but bring everyone down around them.

One of my favorite things…. hearing my husband and our children work on music together.

A few plans for the rest of the week….pick up a few more supplies for school, pick up my oldest son his new glasses.

Here is a picture I am sharing….My third son this day decided his ear was hurting so he taped an out of order sign on it. Then just for fun he played a joke on his Mimi and Papa he put his arm in a sling. (with him it is not hard to believe he would need the sling his is all boy and climbs everything he walks near)


To enjoy more daybook here is a link to The Simple Woman’s Daybooks. Thank Peggy for hosting.

Week in review

This week we started all the new curriculum. There has been a few complaints but I feel as we go along they will find they like it better and feel more accomplished, personally.

I was scared of the IEW writing curriculum, it just seemed so overwhelming to me especially since my weakness is writing. After finishing Unit I video and lesson it felts good. We are working on the grade 2-4 level, so that we don’t stress. As I look ahead in the Syllabus I get nervous. Remind myself one step at a time. On the video he says about having helps/reminders on the wall. So our dinning room is now colorful with signs, some that I made a head of time but baby girl wanted them hung.

They are not excited over bible as I am for them, I am hoping this changes as we get more into it. The biggest complaint was over the version of bible is different then their bibles.

We are all so so on the Lyrical Life science. They really want experiments. They loved the Considering God’s creation science. My guys love the cutting, pasting and coloring. I am going to do some science shopping, I may go to Apologia since they have labs with just about every lesson.

Have been shopping for my sons college class books he needs for the two dual enrollment courses he is starting on the 29th. Found all but one, and the one I can find; it is the price that is getting me. This week just isn’t a good week for it.

On Sunday my children’s orchestra begins with an UPBEAT kick off. 

Tuesday my three younger ones and myself start back to Kids Choir at our church. Love to see my children get enthusiastic about their activities.

I even took time to sew this week and was on a good roll until my thread ran out. And doesn’t it figure I have like 30 rolls and none the color I was using. So project on hold until…? online?humm I may have to see how much could it cost for thread?

Well off to shop more online and then to crochet a special blanket for a special baby boy coming into this world soon.

Friday, August 12, 2011

One more thing checked off

Last night I spent time preparing the new curriculum, we are already to start on Monday. I my guys are actually excited. My youngest is asking for her own wordly wise. She so wants to be doing all her brothers are doing.

She told me yesterday that she is glad we don’t take off summer.

Today was evaluation day and it went great! I have a teacher we knew in school do our evaluations. I love to hear his opinion and feed back, he is a teacher that truly loves his job.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All is well....

Today all came to a close with my son.
The retention cyst is normal says ENT and no surgery required. The eye glasses are ordered and should have them in 10-14 days.

Funny thing is I pull in to the lot to the Dr. and my daughter annouces that is where she went with her daddy to see Lisa, should have seen the receptions face drop. Then she reconized my daughter and knew right away who my husband was.

Turns out my husabnd has been doing work for them.

God is good, today was a great reminder of how he knows everything and takes care of us.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Catching up…

This evening I actually spent time reading blogs and visiting around the blog world. Was nice to see all the creativity and family updates. Found a couple of the blogs I had been following said goodbye to blogging. Which to be honest I had considered myself. But I like having my blog to go to and write about life and share the different craft projects.

One of those projects I am working on now and so dying to share it with you. But it is a very special gift and I don’t want it spoiled for my very special friend. So I will have to wait to share it.

Not sure how much time will be spent here this year on the blog, I am trying to dedicate time to teaching so we don’t fall behind. Our oldest is starting college courses in a couple of weeks which takes me out of the house on those days. Since we live so far from town I will be trying to plan my time appropriately. As my oldest is in class the rest of us will be taking nature trail walks and the other day grocery shopping.

I am trying to simplify my life this year and not be so stressed. I have even simplified our school this year. My children are growing so fast and my oldest is almost out of my home. My baby is almost 9. Where has the time gone????????

School and the new year plans

So this week we have spent time clearing and finishing up the old, planning and gathering the new.
I have decided to go in a different direction this year.  We are combining 3 different grades. I want to spend more time with my three younger ones learning to write properly.
So here is how this year is going to be looking.
BIBLE: This is a whole series from Train up a child publishing by Kaye Freeman. This will be done as a unit study. I am actually looking forward to these, since they actually address specific topics such as self-control, humility,responsibility and kindness.
Choosing Thankfulness   -     
        By: Kaye Freeman
Choosing Set (Character Studies)
LANGUAGE ARTS: I have had this sitting on the shelf for a couple of years, I hear it is a very good writing program. My youngest is finally old enough so that I can teach this as a unit with all of my children.
Teaching Writing: Structure and Style--10 DVD's and Workbook  -     
        By: Andrew Pudewa
Bible-Based Writing Lessons  -     
        By: Andrew Pudewa, J.B. Webster
We are also turning more attention to comprehension and reading these are the guides we will be using. We just finished Milly Molly Mandy and my guys enjoyed it so much they are asking for more.
Baby Island Comprehension GuideBoxcar Children Comp Guide
Little House on Prairie Comp GuideBig Woods Comp Guide
Pinocchio Comprehension Guide
Of course my two younger ones will continue on with their Explode the Code series. I am even considering putting my other son in the Beyond the Code since I have seen such a benefit with their reading and spelling by using these.
Explode the Code, Book 5   - Explode the Code, Book 6   -
Then we will continue on with Wordly Wise.
Wordly Wise, Book 2, Grade 5   -     
        By: Kenneth Hodkinson
Wordly Wise 3000, Grade 3, 2nd Edition  - Wordly Wise 3000, Grade 4, 2nd Edition  -
And then penmanship we have been using Italic then I found this wonder site that has many pintables for penmanship practice. (click on Proverbs Button to go visit to see all the many different copy works available)
Italic Handwriting: Book E   -     
        By: Barbara Getty, Inga Dubay
Proverbs 22:6 Academy
SCIENCE: We are going to be using Lyrical Life Science. Then we will be keeping nature journal we will be spending time this fall going on nature trail walks twice a week. The North American Wildlife book has been an great addition to our nature journal identifications.
Lyrical Life Science #1 With CD   - Reader's Digest North American wildlife [Book]
HISTORY: Taking a fun approach to memorizing the names of our states and capitals. This will go well with our state coloring book that also provides the states flower and motto’s, trees and flags. Then we will be doing a read out load from the BJU heritage studies. This is so we keep on moving forward from what we worked on this year.
Geography Songs, Compact Disc [CD]   -     
        By: Larry Troxel, Kathy Troxel
Heritage Studies Student Text Grade 2 (Updated Version)  -
MATH: we will be staying with Saxon and just keep moving forward at their individual grade levels.
  Saxon Math 5/4 Kit & DIVE CD-Rom, 3rd Edition   - Saxon Math 6/5 Kit & DIVE CD-Rom, 3rd Edition   -
Saxon Math 7/6 Kit & DIVE CD-Rom, 4th Edition   - Saxon Algebra 1 Home Study Kit Third Edition  -
What have you planned for you’re school year? Have you used any of this curriculum before, would like to hear your experience and thoughts.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Summer so far….


VBS at church this was the hallway I worked on with a couple other ladies. This is bird watching in central park.


The subway tunnel covered in graffiti



The new project of my boys – before       During the rebuild

the whole body was disassembled sanded primed and the cab has been painted. They still have a lot more painting. NO it is NOT going to be yellow it is a gloss beautiful black. The cab is done and looks awesome! My son has been totally hands on in this process which is going as school credit. Plus he will receive the blessing of having it to drive.


We have had another rescue this year this time four babies fell with the nest in our chimney. Luckily I had a another small basket laying around. We found if we place them in a basket then lower them down the chimney the mom and dad takes them make and finishes raising them. Even after we have handled them. The chimney swifts are so extremely soft and loud.


The last week of June we spent at orchestra Summer camp. It was like a vacation for me. My husband arranged it so that M, TH we spent the nights at mimi’s and papa’s. T, W we spent at Aunt Arla’s. Tuesday I was totally surprised by Arla, her and her four spent the day setting up for us to come. It was liking checking into a hotel. Very, very relaxing and enjoyable. On Wednesday we attended church with the cousins, they always look forward to seeing each other.


Couple weeks ago we ventured out for day of fun and a touch of education. We spent the day over at De Leon Springs. Was wonderful the water was very cool 72 degrees. LOL it felt 042much colder going in, weirdest part was standing on shell and cypress tree knuckles. In the center is the spring that leads to under water caverns that you can scuba dive in. My friend I have not canoed 267469_1967471622062_1101074416_31919561_3584134_nin years and children have never been so she rented a couple of them and ventured down the lake.282578_1966977529710_1101074416_31919152_5687717_n284524_1967494982646_1101074416_31919586_3272863_n

073We have managed to go the beach about three times this summer. First we had a wonderful memorial day on the beach we even grilled dinner on the beach love memories like this. Second time at last minute my husband had work at the beach house so we went with him. Well he worked sadly, the kids and I spent a couple hours enjoying the beach. Then this past Tuesday we drove on the beach and enjoyed the most wonderful beach day with our friends.






282610_1982195270144_1101074416_31934199_1835253_nMy four have had a great summer my friend even treated them to an special day when my oldest and I spent the day at the hospital for his MRI. What was to be just a couple hours turned into an all day thing. I am so very thankful that she called me the night before and told be to leave my three younger ones with her. Thank you Julie for being a true friend to me and my children and being there when I need someone the most.


As August comes so does many of the activities that we are involved as extra curricular. We also we be beginning our new school year.

I pray you all have had an enjoyable summer as much as we have had.