Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Simple Women’s Daybook


For Today January 19, 2011

Outside my window…

pitch black outside nothing but the beauty of the stars shine.

I am thankful for….

the strength God gave me last week and my mother in law being there for me.

I am thinking about….

how God opens doors and then closes others. I see some major changes coming to our life this year. God has already made a huge change in our life last week. Feel the others will be coming in next few months. I am working on staying excited and embracing the changes instead of allowing the fear to take charge.

From the learning rooms…

mix of text book work and some real hands on learning. Jonathan made a Jell-O mold of the United States out of three different flavored jell-o's. Today they had a day of geography and science games. Was really impressed with my 7yr old answering the geography questions.

From the kitchen…

tonight we had one pot and bread and butter, other meals planned for this week include: homemade pizza, baked spaghetti casserole, burrito, enchilada and tacos, beef pot pie and stroganoff.

I am creating…

working on finishing the crocheted afghan for my husband, I actually might finish it now that I go once a week to a wonderful crochet group of Christian women.

I am going…

to concentrate on finishing up the laundry for the week and begin preparing the tax papers. Like to have the house clean and organized before the weekend. Have some school work to correct tomorrow also.

I am reading…

no reading outside of a devotion book here and there.

I am hoping and praying….

for my husband and his work, God has been keeping the work steady the past few months. Praying for many of my friends have several that are dealing with a loss of different kinds.

I am hearing…

my son on his cello, working on a new exercise that his cello teacher gave to him. It is a must for all cellist to be able to play this piece and to advance anywhere on the cello. Bring joy and happiness hearing my children playing again with the love Mr. May taught them. After losing Mr. May suddenly so much was unknown. We tried staying in the orchestra he started in our area but it came to an end last week. Not in a pretty way either, I just know God closed that door to us very firmly.  But before he did he blessed my children with being able to be in the orchestra started in his honor by his wife, best friend and children. The loss of friendships has been felt by all of my children, but with it comes lessons in family and God’s protection, guidance and his provision for each of them.

Around the house…

fellowship, peace, and calmness now that the outside of the home negativity and strive have been removed from the picture. Didn’t realize fully how much of it was effecting our home.

One of my favorite things…

hearing my daughter today answer question on the States that I didn’t even know she knew, she is only 7, WOW!

Few plans for the rest of the week…

being at home until Saturday morning. Finished grocery shopping on Tuesday, so the rest of the week I can concentrate on the children and the house.

Here is a picture I would like to share…

Birthday heart baby girl made for her daddy, totally on her own.


To enjoy more daybook’s or to even join in on the reflections hope over to see Peggy Here.

Living History


Waiting for the canon firing. They fire them every weekend about 5-6 times a day.


Wonderful view from the top of the Fort “ Castillo de San Marcos National Monument”


Preparing the Canons




My four children and myself


the old mill wheel


The oldest wooden school house. We did get to go inside asked my guys what they thought about the under the stairs time out spot. They all agreed it looked like a mini dungeon and glad we don’t do that.


Beautiful “Bird of Paradise Flower”  this was in the garden of the school house.


My mother in law, my daughter and myself walking down one of the old streets line with many restaurants and stores.


My oldest son with his Mimi.


My daughter sitting on top of the old well hugging the canon balls. We learned that the soldiers would use many times of items in the canons, glass, chain shot (two balls chained together) and a canister full of mini canon balls.

They were very happy to be back in the 21st century and beds not made of Spanish moss that they had to share with fellow soldiers.

We are all looking forward to another trip to the Fort and the History that surrounds it. So much more to see and learn from

Christmas Day and Family


All the cousins together, they look so forward to seeing each other.


Awaiting Christmas present opening


Cousins enjoying and testing out Adam’s Christmas present a trailer for his mower built by my husband. The dog even jumped in on this fun.