Monday, February 28, 2011


On Saturday we had a flat tire on our way home on a major highway. So thankful hubby was with us!.

Get everything out start jacking up the truck, ahum….truck rolling what? It sure did ok so lets readjust push the ER park harder. ahum truck falling …….yes, the jack slide and the truck again off.

The ground was so soft and moist the jack kept sinking….

Now the sun is setting this is not going well can not get the truck high enough……think, look…….. what can we but under the jack what do we have that is thick and hard enough?




Of course my son was like “COOL” no more math!

See out of all four of my children, it is this son that drags math out for hours……..So we had some fun with him…

Dadddy told him remember that pack we made, I took care of it for you. (Just kidding around.)

Then I informed him that the damage stopped at the lesson he just finished. He was bummed meant no break from math until mom purchased a new book. He can keep going until new book arrives.

I ordered a new book off last night for under $5.00. Which I already new I could and would have to do when I handed the book to hubby to be sacrificed, for our family.

Rest in peace 54. Thank you for all you gave for us…..2001-2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Discovery’s very last launch

Thank for we learned soon enough of the launch. I haven’t watched tv in over a week, have been staying away from media. Thanks to a friend on FB I found out in time for my children to see the launch.  We have such a great view from our front yard.
I hear there is going to be a night launch next those are awesome to watch.
This is our view the shuttle is there it had just come into sight.

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Washer

My washer  after many repairs and tender care finally kicked the bucket. This time we said enough besides tried of listening to the jet plane every time it went into spin. Then the dry joined in all the noise.
The day the end came a really wonderful set was posted to craigslist. Without much hope of getting them (priced to low for such a set). Husband contacted them and they were there with out hesitating he dropped everything to go get them.
I think my husband has heard a thank you everyday since. They are the best washer and dryer I have ever had! I am so happy the laundry is done in half the time!
Whirlpool DUET…

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Baby turned 8

For her special day poppy planned a tea party for her friends. She was so excited about the decorating and all the details for her guesta. She made her cake and the sandwiches, helped with the fruit and then carefully placed the cookies on a plate. Poppy thought through every bit of how her day should be.

Was such a wonderful sharing moment between us, also an awesome hostess training moment.

Was so adorable watching the little girls having their very own tea party.



IMG_0265***Have other pictures I wanted to share but we are having difficulty getting them from the camera.

Friday, February 18, 2011

How does he think


This pitiful faced pet of my sons. Allows my son to carry him all over the house like a baby. Feet in the air on his back baby cradle style.


will sit like a human on the sofa with my son

but look out this precious baby, boys best friend has a dark side.


Last night you would have thought he was going to fight to the death over a blanket. My son went to get into bed and the fight began. So guess who slept outside until he got back into check with who is the animal and who is boss.

Should see the making up he is doing today. Well not so quick little fellow another night outside is still on the list for your attitude last night.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook


For Today February 18, 2011

Outside my window….

the signs of spring are all around, trees are budding into new life, yellow pine pollen is covering everything and the mornings are cool with dew.

I am thankful for…..

being part of a Christian ladies crochet group every week. Feel blessed being a part of a group with such wonderful women. Bonus I now have a cheerleader, cheering me on to finishing that famous afghan for my husband. Thank you Teresa.

I am thinking….

about today and the schedule. And all the things I would like to see done today. It is beginning to look like an all day out of the house. I would like to have some things done here before we go.

From the learning rooms…..

daily math lessons, spelling, and reading. I have gone back to Explode the Code with my 3/4 grader to help him with his phonic sounds. Preparing to test my 8/9 grader. Looking at the test options and trying to decide what is best for us. Working on staying dedicated to school daily, looks like we are going to have to put more into Language arts in the next few weeks.

From the kitchen….

ham and scalloped potatoes with green beans and biscuits, pork roast with mash potatoes and chicken breast still deciding how I want to cook them.

I am creating….

I did make a couple of new scrubbies for the kitchen.  Still working on the other two projects the afghan (began taking this with me on the weekend trips)  and the hand quilted quilt.

I am going….

to run earns today, seems we are out of milk. hummm, that seems like nothing new in our home.

I am hoping and praying…

for my friends grandfather. He has improved, but he still has many challenges ahead of him.

I am hearing…..

well it was peace and quite, but now the all the boys are up and I am trying to get them to do their chores so we can get going with our earns. Trying to get them to do their work in a timely order and trust in what is to come when they do obey.

Around the house…

prep work for my daughters 8th birthday. She is having her friends over on Monday for a tea party. And then I am having a bread class with the mom’s.

One of my favorite….

when I tell my children they do know something. And they get stubborn and insist they don’t, then all of a sudden the light bulb goes off and they realize they do know it. The look on their face and knowing the feeling they feel at that moment is priceless.

Few plans for the rest of the week….

Children sing Sunday at church, Monday is Marissa’s Birthday party, Tuesday is children choir, Wednesday is bible study. Now that my truck is fixed I can go again, yeah!

Here is picture I would like to share….

my family, this is the picture the church took over a year ago for the directory.


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When mom is busy……

how do the children keep themselves occupied. Well they go out to the scrap wood pile and build a bunk bed for their dog
A few lessons learned measure the openings and take the corner in consideration, that must be turned to get into bedroom before building.
They had a great time building it and it kept them busy all day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This post is not for the light hearted….

no injuries occurred.
Outside of mom having a slight heart failure, but that has been happening since I was blessed with my third son. Life has been an adventure since March 2, 2001.

Where do you find your children when they are sent outside to play for a bit?
My one son seems to always be up high on something.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Our new additions

After many months of saying “NO”. And many tears shed, we finally were worn down, or should I say that daddy was.

So with the birthday’s and our one son so set on a dog and nothing else was wanted. And when again we said no. He broke down crying with his little heart broken once again. This time daddy melted and began to look for this beloved dog that had to be out there somewhere.

By the next day mommy found the perfect dog. But with a few catches. The dog I found had a friend and they really wanted to keep them together. Well good thing I have 4 children and the Love is abundance.

Here is a picture of these two sweet, lovable additions to our family, Bear and Kona. These two guys are the best, well behaved, trained and most of all giving the love back to the boy that cried for him every night.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

They are a year older

Thursday and Friday were both birthday day’s in our home.

On Thursday Piglet turned “12”.


On Friday Tigger turned “15”


Where does the time go and has it really been 12 and 15 years since a receiving these two wonderful joys and gifts from God.

Can you guess what the question has been since Friday?

You got it, “When can I get my permit?”

I am so excited for my boys they are both entering a  new and exciting time in their life.

Proud of the men they are growing into.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Simple Women’s Daybook


For Today February 8, 2011

Outside my Window…..

the sun is raising, there is a chill in the air today with lots of dampness from all the rain yesterday. Weather says it will feel colder then it truly is.

I am thankful for…

how God has placed my family with the Mays family. Love how our two families have been there for each other.  

I am thinking….

about how we don’t miss our local orchestra as I thought we would, since we had been apart of it for 6 years. Life is more relaxed and school work is receiving more attention as was needed. God is great when you turn your concerns to him he will know what needs done.

From the learning rooms…

daily textbook work. Feeling more on track with school then I have felt for the last with 3 years. The extra two days a week has made a huge difference. Enjoy being able to do more things such as Museums and Historical field trips, also more real learning below was a lesson found in our very own backyard. Praise God for his protection, my son that found it was not bitten and knew what kind of spider it was so he took caution.


From the kitchen….

some of our plans this week is seafood, homemade pizza, spaghetti with garlic bread, pork roast with corn bread stuffing and veggies, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy.

I am creating…..

Each Monday I have been working on my husbands crocheted afghan, It finally is getting somewhere. I love these two hours each week spent with this group of Christian ladies crocheting. A few of the ladies began bringing their children since they also homeschool two of the girls are teaching my daughter how to make friendship bracelet's. Last week couple of the ladies showed me how to make a cupcake hat. Love projects like this since they are portable.


I am going….

to take the children to choir today, do school the rest of the week. Friday will be cleaning for company and preparing for our orchestra filled weekend. On Sunday we have a workshop that we are looking forward too.

I am reading….

hummm reading, well outside of doing the taxes and updating the enrollment file for orchestra and my children’s textbooks there is no reading happening.

I am hoping and praying….

praying for a friends grandfather who fell last week. In the fall he received severe injuries to his neck has been in ICU for over a week now, also had two surgeries this past week.

I am hearing….

the rooster crowing and the children waking and beginning their chores and eating breakfast.

Around the house…

Missy is working on her bracelets for all her cousins and friends and of course her baby doll. A few quick chores before school begins, then off to choir. Debating picking up the fish for Thursday today so I don’t have to run into town on Thursday. I worry about the freshness sitting two days in the fridge.

One of my favorite things….

feeling organized and on task with projects

Few plans for the rest of the week…

to be planning birthday’s, two this week and two more in another 2 weeks. This week one wants shrimp cocktails and scallops my other boy wants homemade pizza with his friend and her parents. My daughter wants a tea party with her friends and my last is not sure about anything except he wants mom to take him shopping so mom can spend money on him. Those are his words. I guess this year I am not getting away with one or two cakes.

Here is a picture I would like to share…

My SIL Arla and myself with all of our children. My heart swells with how all the cousins get so excited to see each other.

2010 001

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