Friday, February 18, 2011

How does he think


This pitiful faced pet of my sons. Allows my son to carry him all over the house like a baby. Feet in the air on his back baby cradle style.


will sit like a human on the sofa with my son

but look out this precious baby, boys best friend has a dark side.


Last night you would have thought he was going to fight to the death over a blanket. My son went to get into bed and the fight began. So guess who slept outside until he got back into check with who is the animal and who is boss.

Should see the making up he is doing today. Well not so quick little fellow another night outside is still on the list for your attitude last night.

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Diane said...

That cracked me up! Finn doesn't like us to take his blanket away either. He loves his blankets- he has two of them. We ended up having to put them up and away, no more problems. hehehe