Monday, February 28, 2011


On Saturday we had a flat tire on our way home on a major highway. So thankful hubby was with us!.

Get everything out start jacking up the truck, ahum….truck rolling what? It sure did ok so lets readjust push the ER park harder. ahum truck falling …….yes, the jack slide and the truck again off.

The ground was so soft and moist the jack kept sinking….

Now the sun is setting this is not going well can not get the truck high enough……think, look…….. what can we but under the jack what do we have that is thick and hard enough?




Of course my son was like “COOL” no more math!

See out of all four of my children, it is this son that drags math out for hours……..So we had some fun with him…

Dadddy told him remember that pack we made, I took care of it for you. (Just kidding around.)

Then I informed him that the damage stopped at the lesson he just finished. He was bummed meant no break from math until mom purchased a new book. He can keep going until new book arrives.

I ordered a new book off last night for under $5.00. Which I already new I could and would have to do when I handed the book to hubby to be sacrificed, for our family.

Rest in peace 54. Thank you for all you gave for us…..2001-2011

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Jenn @ Spejory said...

I homeschool boys, too, and they drag out math for HOOUURRS! I can relate to this, although we never used the math book to balance the jack.