Friday, February 18, 2011

The Simple Woman’s Daybook


For Today February 18, 2011

Outside my window….

the signs of spring are all around, trees are budding into new life, yellow pine pollen is covering everything and the mornings are cool with dew.

I am thankful for…..

being part of a Christian ladies crochet group every week. Feel blessed being a part of a group with such wonderful women. Bonus I now have a cheerleader, cheering me on to finishing that famous afghan for my husband. Thank you Teresa.

I am thinking….

about today and the schedule. And all the things I would like to see done today. It is beginning to look like an all day out of the house. I would like to have some things done here before we go.

From the learning rooms…..

daily math lessons, spelling, and reading. I have gone back to Explode the Code with my 3/4 grader to help him with his phonic sounds. Preparing to test my 8/9 grader. Looking at the test options and trying to decide what is best for us. Working on staying dedicated to school daily, looks like we are going to have to put more into Language arts in the next few weeks.

From the kitchen….

ham and scalloped potatoes with green beans and biscuits, pork roast with mash potatoes and chicken breast still deciding how I want to cook them.

I am creating….

I did make a couple of new scrubbies for the kitchen.  Still working on the other two projects the afghan (began taking this with me on the weekend trips)  and the hand quilted quilt.

I am going….

to run earns today, seems we are out of milk. hummm, that seems like nothing new in our home.

I am hoping and praying…

for my friends grandfather. He has improved, but he still has many challenges ahead of him.

I am hearing…..

well it was peace and quite, but now the all the boys are up and I am trying to get them to do their chores so we can get going with our earns. Trying to get them to do their work in a timely order and trust in what is to come when they do obey.

Around the house…

prep work for my daughters 8th birthday. She is having her friends over on Monday for a tea party. And then I am having a bread class with the mom’s.

One of my favorite….

when I tell my children they do know something. And they get stubborn and insist they don’t, then all of a sudden the light bulb goes off and they realize they do know it. The look on their face and knowing the feeling they feel at that moment is priceless.

Few plans for the rest of the week….

Children sing Sunday at church, Monday is Marissa’s Birthday party, Tuesday is children choir, Wednesday is bible study. Now that my truck is fixed I can go again, yeah!

Here is picture I would like to share….

my family, this is the picture the church took over a year ago for the directory.


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