Sunday, March 27, 2011

Make Music Make History Auditions

This week my four children worked on videoing and uploading their auditions for Make Music Make History on YouTube. My whole family is very excited about this opportunity. We feel this would be a huge honor  to be performing with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, on Daniel May’s World Premiere piece of Tall and Small in tribute to Jonathan May. Performing the same night will be renown violinist Joshua Bell. Right now this all feels like a chance of a lifetime for my children.

Make Music Make History

Make Music Make History
Make Music Make History
Make Music Make History

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Simple Woman’s Daybook


For Today March 15, 2011
Outside my window…..
The children are out playing, the windows are open sun has begun it’s slow descent into night. The weather has been just so beautiful, trees are growing new sprouts. The pines have started growing Easter crosses. I missed them last year, don’t want to this year. God shows us his promises in so many ways.
I am thankful…..
for a wonderful weekend away from home. Especially to our Uncle Bob for coming and staying with the animals. For fixing the little projects around here there is never anytime for. We really wanted to keep him but he insisted he must go back home.
I am thinking….
about how I have laid things at God’s feet and he has always picked it up and handled everything. I know God has been providing our home for us, not sure where the end is. But I am getting somewhat excited to see where he moves us too. My husband and I have been going over some options. One I like is being closer to Orlando but close to my SIL Arla and my nieces and nephew.
From the learning rooms….
a lot of time last week went into music, so this week we are working on getting back into our schedule. Today we made sure our day began with Bible, then LLATL and math. Really made a difference in our life when I changed up and stuck to my guns of Bible must be first no matter what happens in the day. God blessed me with lessons that pertained to issues I was dealing with my children.
From the kitchen…
tonight corn beef and cabbage, a steak for hubby he doesn’t care for corn beef. Chicken fajitas tomorrow and maybe homemade pizza this week.
I am hoping and praying….
for healing for my friends grandfather. He is in isolation again in rehab due to another serious infection that you catch in rehabs. He is so miserable he is not one for confinement he loved going outside and for little walks.
I am creating…
working on the afghan for hubby I am disciplining myself, no working on my quilt until he has his afghan. I have started working on a special gift for someone very very special to me. Has sometime so I am not dedicating set time to it, which is another incentive to finish up projects.
I am hearing….
my boys laughing together as they play and my music love the song on right now, Look’in for Love by Johnny Lee. Reminds me of my husband and I when we meant.
Around the house….
we are all unpacked and with the new washer laundry is done in a blink of an eye. Dinner is ready and waiting for daddy to arrive. When I am done with my daybook I am going to take time to work on my husbands afghan. Love having the ladies at prayer/crochet pushing me to the finish.
Few plans for the rest of the week….
school with the children, a run to the store not sure when. Thursday I am having a day at the fabric store with a  friend. I am dropping my four at their Mimi’s.
Here is a picture I would like to share…
My boy with his birthday present a drum set.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Orchestra Masterworks


My family is very involved in the Metropolitan Area Youth Symphony. This weekend we had two concerts, one on Saturday night, which my oldest son performed two pieces in and the Sunday performance that involved all four of my children. 

I need to mention how proud I am of my three younger children. There were many hours of rehearsals that they sat through with two very late nights. They did a momma very, very proud!

The concerts were absolutely fabulous!  We are so very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful orchestra.

Enjoy the below video’s from two pieces performed Saturday night.

Follow any of the links to learn more about the MAYS Orchestra, and how to be a part of this awesome symphony.

My oldest was playing the viola in this piece.

Weekend away….

This weekend all of my family had a full schedule in Orlando involving MAYS Orchestra.  So we turned it into a little vacation for us. I found a wonderful hotel that had a suite with two bedrooms, kitchen and living room. Three pools two which where heated, yes it was needed in Florida but not for to much longer.

Turns out that where the hotel was located was a gem for my family. They were so happy we were right around the corner from a fun park with go carts and arcade.