Friday, April 1, 2011

The Simple Women’s Daybook


For today April 1, 2011

Outside my Window….

Sun is shining after week of rain and dark skies, beautiful to be outside in, everyone but me is out there already.

I am thinking…

about how I would love to take a trip this summer. Waiting to see if it is God’s will also.

I am thankful….

for my new truck. It is everything I have ever wanted.


From the learning rooms….

still chipping away at all the subjects, we have been doing really good at placing bible first everyday, really makes a difference.

From the kitchen….

still thinking on dinner for tonight, headed to sloppy Joes or hamburgers.

I am creating…

working on a couple of projects, working on the last color in the husbands afghan, began piece a quilt that is a gift for someone special.

I am going….

well this week has been a week of change. Every plan made has changed. As soon as I get off here I have to decide if we stay home with dad today or go on with the plans we had. Normally staying with dad wins.

On my mind….

what is my mind not on? Weekend schedule, today’s plans, school work, summer plans, next week plans, housecleaning, laundry and dinner.

Around the house….

everyone is wondering about today and what are we doing, they want to be outside enjoying the beautiful day. Can’t blame them after being inside due to rain all week.

One of my favorite things…..

seeing my seeds very first sprouts. So exciting to see your works blessings.

Few plans for rest of the week…

orchestra this week end, hopefully sell the old truck couple of guys are coming to see it. Receive a blessing from church on Sunday and Monday prayer/knitting group. These ladies really have been a blessing to be around each Monday.

A picture into my life….

Baby girl figured out my pass word and was on mommies computer and the evidence was left behind to prove it, there is eight more that greeted me today.


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Diane said...

thankful for the sun shine! Have a great weekend, Tara!

Clara said...

Hi, I found you through the daybook... thanks for sharing... exciting about the new truck... love your pic of the day...have a great week... xo

Jenn @ Spejory said...

I can really relate to what you said "every plan that was made has been changed." We had a week much like that : )