Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Simple Women’s Daybook

For today April 28, 2011
Outside my window….
night has come and it is as dark as dark can be, we have a storm coming our way so thru the curtains, I see flashes of lightening.
I am thinking….
all I need to accomplish tomorrow. I have others counting on me to be prepared.
I am thankful….
for a husband that works hard daily to provide for his family, that I can stay home with our children and home school.
From the learning rooms…..
we have been doing really good. Daily we cover our bible then math and LLATL. I found a awesome site to help with spelling. We finish up our science curriculum, this is a big deal since we took way to long to get thru it.
From the kitchen…
chicken and dumplings for a family at church and a roast for this weekend.
I am creating…
well more like finishing….finally finished the long awaited afghan. Now I am working on hand quilting my heart quilt, another one of those projects just are so close to being finished. I have been making some small things such as ponytail holders and hot pads. These items are easy to travel with.
I am going…
to be busy, this is the big finally to my children's orchestra, the MAYS. They have orchestra rehearsals and performances all weekend. We will be celebrating the life our beloved conductor Mr. Jonathan May.
On my mind….
the concert, I need to go thru all the music tomorrow and have it ready. Also the reception afterwards making sure we have enough help

Around the house….
the children are enjoying their new pool, so is mom. Not in the same way as the children. We have 4 week old kittens that need homes.
One of my favorite things…..
seeing my son getting involved and not afraid too.
A few plans for the rest of the week….
cooking a meal to be taken to a couple from church, the concert and then looking forward to knitting on Monday with some other Christian ladies.
Here is a picture into my life…..
my oldest learning to drive
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LISA said...

Yeah for finishing Science, good job. Can I please have the spelling site, thank you. I hope you all have a great weekend, we'll be thinking of Mr. May also.

Breezy Point Mom said...

Tara, I hope we can make it to the concert. St. Luke's used to be our church, years ago, and it is very close by. It depends on how our microwave oven installation goes this weekend, and on how Self-Reliant Man is feeling about life by Sunday afternoon. Will send you an email if we go. Maybe we'll see each other. -- Breezy Point Mom