Friday, June 17, 2011

Living life…..

I keep being asked about posts and what is happening in our neck of the woods. Well it isn’t a lot, but it still leaves me with little time to post.

The blog has been put on the back burner. School has the front right now while I have the longer days at home to concentrate on year end.

When not doing that I am finishing projects (posted in previous post) and I have started the Christmas gifts.


I am working on a special gift for some very special people in my families life. (can’t show you just yet so that they don’t see it)

Didn’t realize how absorbed in crocheting I was getting until I ran out of projects. Now I am trying to come up with something new I have a few ideas but nothing jumping out at me just yet. So I am sort of messing around with grannie squares and a baby hat and mittens. I am also thinking about making cupcake purses to match the cupcake hats.

As I was updating my phone today I realized I have not even posted about Easter and many other things. Don’t want to over load one blog post so will try to find time this week.

We are having VBS at our church this week. I lead the recreation so I am working on the decorating and games this weekend. The following week my four have orchestra summer camp. I am sure there will be some down time during the day that I could get around to updating the blog posts during that week.(unless the knitting and crochet get me first, haha)

Come July 5th it will be back into the books and nothing else but school. My oldest has to work towards getting ahead in Alg. so he can take the college math test, so he can finish high school with his A.A degree. He has already passed the English test and will be starting college August 29th. By passing the English already, it opens the door to all the classes he needs except the math and one science. I am so proud of him, he is growing into such a wonderful young man. Even though he likes to harass his mom all the time, he is the best son I could have been blessed with.

A prayer request:  on Monday my son has an eye Dr.’s appointment to receive test results. We could use prayers, I am not ready to talk about it, since the dr. said he is being overly cautious. I don’t want to over react, especially if it could be nothing but a lazy eye.

Have a great weekend, I am playing mine by ear since Sunday is Father’s day and not sure what we are doing. Actually I live every day like that never know what each day is going to bring. My husband can keep life mysterious at times. Last weekend we went for some long drive to look (just look at) a truck. Another day he calls and says meet him and our oldest at the beach, I was at home cooking dinner waiting on them. Today I was sent for a load of sod. Not in my plans today, but what ever. Keeps life from being dull.


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