Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Summer so far….


VBS at church this was the hallway I worked on with a couple other ladies. This is bird watching in central park.


The subway tunnel covered in graffiti



The new project of my boys – before       During the rebuild

the whole body was disassembled sanded primed and the cab has been painted. They still have a lot more painting. NO it is NOT going to be yellow it is a gloss beautiful black. The cab is done and looks awesome! My son has been totally hands on in this process which is going as school credit. Plus he will receive the blessing of having it to drive.


We have had another rescue this year this time four babies fell with the nest in our chimney. Luckily I had a another small basket laying around. We found if we place them in a basket then lower them down the chimney the mom and dad takes them make and finishes raising them. Even after we have handled them. The chimney swifts are so extremely soft and loud.


The last week of June we spent at orchestra Summer camp. It was like a vacation for me. My husband arranged it so that M, TH we spent the nights at mimi’s and papa’s. T, W we spent at Aunt Arla’s. Tuesday I was totally surprised by Arla, her and her four spent the day setting up for us to come. It was liking checking into a hotel. Very, very relaxing and enjoyable. On Wednesday we attended church with the cousins, they always look forward to seeing each other.


Couple weeks ago we ventured out for day of fun and a touch of education. We spent the day over at De Leon Springs. Was wonderful the water was very cool 72 degrees. LOL it felt 042much colder going in, weirdest part was standing on shell and cypress tree knuckles. In the center is the spring that leads to under water caverns that you can scuba dive in. My friend I have not canoed 267469_1967471622062_1101074416_31919561_3584134_nin years and children have never been so she rented a couple of them and ventured down the lake.282578_1966977529710_1101074416_31919152_5687717_n284524_1967494982646_1101074416_31919586_3272863_n

073We have managed to go the beach about three times this summer. First we had a wonderful memorial day on the beach we even grilled dinner on the beach love memories like this. Second time at last minute my husband had work at the beach house so we went with him. Well he worked sadly, the kids and I spent a couple hours enjoying the beach. Then this past Tuesday we drove on the beach and enjoyed the most wonderful beach day with our friends.






282610_1982195270144_1101074416_31934199_1835253_nMy four have had a great summer my friend even treated them to an special day when my oldest and I spent the day at the hospital for his MRI. What was to be just a couple hours turned into an all day thing. I am so very thankful that she called me the night before and told be to leave my three younger ones with her. Thank you Julie for being a true friend to me and my children and being there when I need someone the most.


As August comes so does many of the activities that we are involved as extra curricular. We also we be beginning our new school year.

I pray you all have had an enjoyable summer as much as we have had.

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The Real Me! said...

Fun stuff! I like it. Hey I had one of my certification dives in De Leon Springs. I like it there. The water is so refreshing.
Have a super night.