Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pray update….

Since the last post we did see the Nero, actually two one was new to Nemours. They both saw what the eye dr. was seeing so the MRI was ordered. He said he did not feel it was a tumor that my son was to healthy. So truly we were sitting here saying why even do it then. But we followed through and….

The MRI has come back revealing a Mucus Retention Cyst.

I receive a call from our Pediatrician telling me we are being referred to an ENT so they can evaluate if surgery is needed.

Ok at this point I have about three different shocks going on: First why is my pediatrician calling in place of the Nero or my eye Dr. that referred us to the Nero. Second the MRI actually showed something and Third, did I just hear the word surgery?.

We have an appt. for the ENT. Meantime, I did some research on line to be informed and I went to my friends husband that is a Dr.  With out MRI all this is based on the info we have eye issue right side, cyst right side headaches from eye. The cyst can be putting causing the optic nerve to look as if it under pressure indirectly. That if it is the cause of it removal is the form. Also found out just  because it is called mucus retention cyst does not mean it is in the sinus, it can be anywhere. My Mother in Law said he probably just needs a strong antihistamine, it is allergy season. It would be nice for it to be taken care of that simple.

For now I am done with the guessing game and trying to figure it all out, our Lord knows mine, my husbands and my sons worries and he will take care of us.

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