Sunday, August 7, 2011

Catching up…

This evening I actually spent time reading blogs and visiting around the blog world. Was nice to see all the creativity and family updates. Found a couple of the blogs I had been following said goodbye to blogging. Which to be honest I had considered myself. But I like having my blog to go to and write about life and share the different craft projects.

One of those projects I am working on now and so dying to share it with you. But it is a very special gift and I don’t want it spoiled for my very special friend. So I will have to wait to share it.

Not sure how much time will be spent here this year on the blog, I am trying to dedicate time to teaching so we don’t fall behind. Our oldest is starting college courses in a couple of weeks which takes me out of the house on those days. Since we live so far from town I will be trying to plan my time appropriately. As my oldest is in class the rest of us will be taking nature trail walks and the other day grocery shopping.

I am trying to simplify my life this year and not be so stressed. I have even simplified our school this year. My children are growing so fast and my oldest is almost out of my home. My baby is almost 9. Where has the time gone????????

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