Sunday, August 7, 2011

School and the new year plans

So this week we have spent time clearing and finishing up the old, planning and gathering the new.
I have decided to go in a different direction this year.  We are combining 3 different grades. I want to spend more time with my three younger ones learning to write properly.
So here is how this year is going to be looking.
BIBLE: This is a whole series from Train up a child publishing by Kaye Freeman. This will be done as a unit study. I am actually looking forward to these, since they actually address specific topics such as self-control, humility,responsibility and kindness.
Choosing Thankfulness   -     
        By: Kaye Freeman
Choosing Set (Character Studies)
LANGUAGE ARTS: I have had this sitting on the shelf for a couple of years, I hear it is a very good writing program. My youngest is finally old enough so that I can teach this as a unit with all of my children.
Teaching Writing: Structure and Style--10 DVD's and Workbook  -     
        By: Andrew Pudewa
Bible-Based Writing Lessons  -     
        By: Andrew Pudewa, J.B. Webster
We are also turning more attention to comprehension and reading these are the guides we will be using. We just finished Milly Molly Mandy and my guys enjoyed it so much they are asking for more.
Baby Island Comprehension GuideBoxcar Children Comp Guide
Little House on Prairie Comp GuideBig Woods Comp Guide
Pinocchio Comprehension Guide
Of course my two younger ones will continue on with their Explode the Code series. I am even considering putting my other son in the Beyond the Code since I have seen such a benefit with their reading and spelling by using these.
Explode the Code, Book 5   - Explode the Code, Book 6   -
Then we will continue on with Wordly Wise.
Wordly Wise, Book 2, Grade 5   -     
        By: Kenneth Hodkinson
Wordly Wise 3000, Grade 3, 2nd Edition  - Wordly Wise 3000, Grade 4, 2nd Edition  -
And then penmanship we have been using Italic then I found this wonder site that has many pintables for penmanship practice. (click on Proverbs Button to go visit to see all the many different copy works available)
Italic Handwriting: Book E   -     
        By: Barbara Getty, Inga Dubay
Proverbs 22:6 Academy
SCIENCE: We are going to be using Lyrical Life Science. Then we will be keeping nature journal we will be spending time this fall going on nature trail walks twice a week. The North American Wildlife book has been an great addition to our nature journal identifications.
Lyrical Life Science #1 With CD   - Reader's Digest North American wildlife [Book]
HISTORY: Taking a fun approach to memorizing the names of our states and capitals. This will go well with our state coloring book that also provides the states flower and motto’s, trees and flags. Then we will be doing a read out load from the BJU heritage studies. This is so we keep on moving forward from what we worked on this year.
Geography Songs, Compact Disc [CD]   -     
        By: Larry Troxel, Kathy Troxel
Heritage Studies Student Text Grade 2 (Updated Version)  -
MATH: we will be staying with Saxon and just keep moving forward at their individual grade levels.
  Saxon Math 5/4 Kit & DIVE CD-Rom, 3rd Edition   - Saxon Math 6/5 Kit & DIVE CD-Rom, 3rd Edition   -
Saxon Math 7/6 Kit & DIVE CD-Rom, 4th Edition   - Saxon Algebra 1 Home Study Kit Third Edition  -
What have you planned for you’re school year? Have you used any of this curriculum before, would like to hear your experience and thoughts.

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Breezy Point Mom said...

We've used the geography songs and really enjoyed them. Just got them out again recently. My kids really know and like the songs.