Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week in review

This week we started all the new curriculum. There has been a few complaints but I feel as we go along they will find they like it better and feel more accomplished, personally.

I was scared of the IEW writing curriculum, it just seemed so overwhelming to me especially since my weakness is writing. After finishing Unit I video and lesson it felts good. We are working on the grade 2-4 level, so that we don’t stress. As I look ahead in the Syllabus I get nervous. Remind myself one step at a time. On the video he says about having helps/reminders on the wall. So our dinning room is now colorful with signs, some that I made a head of time but baby girl wanted them hung.

They are not excited over bible as I am for them, I am hoping this changes as we get more into it. The biggest complaint was over the version of bible is different then their bibles.

We are all so so on the Lyrical Life science. They really want experiments. They loved the Considering God’s creation science. My guys love the cutting, pasting and coloring. I am going to do some science shopping, I may go to Apologia since they have labs with just about every lesson.

Have been shopping for my sons college class books he needs for the two dual enrollment courses he is starting on the 29th. Found all but one, and the one I can find; it is the price that is getting me. This week just isn’t a good week for it.

On Sunday my children’s orchestra begins with an UPBEAT kick off. 

Tuesday my three younger ones and myself start back to Kids Choir at our church. Love to see my children get enthusiastic about their activities.

I even took time to sew this week and was on a good roll until my thread ran out. And doesn’t it figure I have like 30 rolls and none the color I was using. So project on hold until…? online?humm I may have to see how much could it cost for thread?

Well off to shop more online and then to crochet a special blanket for a special baby boy coming into this world soon.

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