Sunday, October 30, 2011

I can finally reveille

This summer I mentioned a few times about a very special gift I was working on.
I also promised to post pictures after I gave my very special friend her gift.

So here they are....

I didn't take a picture of the embroidery on the back corner.
But it had their names, wedding date inside a beautiful heart with the words all because two people fell in love...

I love you Em,

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Made from the heart

My dearest and oldest friend's youngest is having his first born in just a few weeks.

I am so excited for them, when I heard the wonderful news, I just had to make something special for their bundle of joy.

I always loved the handmade blankets that each of mine received they were perfect.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Needed a change

So last month I was on Pinterest. Have you heard of Pinterest really cool site wonderful ideas in one place. It is as you have a ton of people searching the web for ideas for you.

Anyways I found a cute hairdo, that was much shorter then mine and had taken a while to grow.

I had a ton of support to take the plunge into the new do. After a few weeks of telling myself just do it. You really need a new look. Come on it still is feminine it still can be put up and it looks in style. JUST GO DO IT.

Well here is my fear....hairdressers with scissors. I don't trust hairdressers when they get scissors in their hands near my head! (one to many cut crazies came near my head)

I have one hair dresser I trust 100% who use to do my hair every month and I looked fab everytime. (I use to go in and let her do what ever she wanted) The economy is where seeing her is an expense that is not an option. I do miss her magic.

So with much question I went to a lady from our church, I have seen her work and she knew how scared I was, and took the plunge.

And I am loving that I did! :)

I have found another hairdresser to trust.

Thank you Philippi.

They have an App for that.....

As I was sitting here this morning thinking about how I do everything thru my iPhone. I began thinking to bad they don't have a Blogger app.

There is an app for everything else?

Well, well, well lookie, lookie they DO have an app for that, Blogger has an app. This changes everything, I can post quickly now and with pics! No more plugging and transferring and waiting on laptop to load and connect.

Oh I have my blog back :) <3 (I am squealing with excitement)

Oh I have so much to talk about now....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

so much changing

Wow so many changes on blogger. I don't post very often so with these changes I am feeling new to blogger all over again. I like reading blogs, when I started blogging I enjoyed it very much. Now Facebook has become so easy to post pictures and type instantly over things happening. I end up neglecting the blog.

Life also has changed so much with my family since I first began the blog. I made a conscience desicion to not spend so much time on the computer, but more time with my children. When I read the poem Spunky made and heard my children  complain about mom on the computer it hurt deep at the loss I was hearing. The other thing that went was the phone conversations. I have heard complaints about me never calling, well that is because I have 4 children that I am raising. They will not be here with me as I have them now. I want a real relationship with my children as they grow up and out. I want them to want to share their life with me and want me to be part of their life. Well if i don't give it to them now they will not be there later.

I have even thought about closing the blog since I dont keep up very well, then I rememebered I didn't start blogging for everyone else. I started for me, a place I could post events and memories of our life to share with our family, that miss out on our daily life.

It is great that everyone has wanted to share in our happiness and cried with us in our sad times and prayed right along with us in our life. I have received many blessings through this blog.
My life is in place where it comes last at the moment. I am needing more time in Gods word and more time with my family.

I will post but it will be very random as my chicks are being raised and as the seasons of our life keep changing. I do hope to keep seeing most of you here when I do post, but I am not promising much from the blog for awhile.