Thursday, January 26, 2012

Update on my son

Wow where did a month go?
My son finished up all his shots. The last ones where rough since he had migraines and stomach sick from the shots.

Rabies shots have come a long way over the years, very happy for that! They give less and they r given in the arms and legs.

We never have seen that cat again.

As of January 16th we are off our break from school and activities.

Enrolled my oldest in double the classes then he had last semester. So this requires more time out of the home and school schedule changes.
With the younger we are finishing up writing and have started Easy Grammar. So far I am liking it a lot. We are going to be starting our next comprehension with Narnia.
I am feeling pretty good about the learning we have done this year.

I don't feel behind like I normally have and that we need to make a dash for the finish. I don't know if it is I am coming more comfortable in homeschooling or if we are just more on task.

Well off to begin my day, we have been so blessed this winter with above normal temps. Makes life enjoyable windows open and fresh air.


Diane said...

Glad to hear your school year is going so well. Ours is going much better than it ever has as well. We just enrolled Noah in FLVS math...I thought Noah was behind in math, but he has clep out of half of 6th grade! You can imagine my relief...I think that's why i'm relaxing now. :)
How is Collin enjoying college???? It's shocking how quickly this comes up, right?

Make a Joyful Noise all ye Lands said...

Thanks for updating us about your son. I know you must be so relieved...

Glad the school year is going well.. Almost the season to enjoy some lovely weather outside and Lord willing at the beach..

Have a blessed day,