Monday, March 12, 2012


Are you flexible? How do you handle change?

Me I liked a schedule, I liked knowing what was coming ahead of me. Didn't like curve balls tossed into my path.

Then I meant my husband.

Wow was I in for a shake up in my organized laid out plans.

Over 18 yrs God has had to deal with my attitude many times. I have had to turn to to Him and ask for help.

Today, is one of those days. My plans for today have been erased and rewritten 2-3 times, with some extra stuff thrown in.

What I had planned is not going to be even finished or touched today.

How am I responding? Can others see Gods grace through me? Is it ok for the school books to be closed for a day and allow real life hands on learning to happen? Yes.
I don't need to stress out and have anxiety for my plan for the day to be finished.
If I am looking for God to lead my day then I need to trust in his leading.

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