Monday, June 18, 2012

Mini vacation

Great start to our summer a mini vacation. Plans have changed about 3 times, but that is ok. We are enjoying ourselves with family.

The cousins are having a great time together. My sister in law had girl time.

Cousins are having a blast....

Friday, June 15, 2012

1 Timothy 3-5

God lead me to 1Timothy today. He spoke to me as why i must let go of my church and pray for them.....God showed me what my husband was explaining to me and why certain things must happen before we could ever go back there.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Amazed by my oldest son

This past spring semester, my son took Audio Engineering. He made a few connections that has led him to do some work with what he learned.

He has run the sound and recording for a talent show

He also now has the awesome benefit to even work on all the editing needs track labeling so that CDs can be made.

This is a great learning experience that he can use when he graduates high school with his AA. He will already have sound recording and operating and editing experience. On too of the class instruction.

Child Training Bible

I have been looking and thinking about this teaching/helper tool for awhile...
Awhile back, I had said to my husband that it would be such a huge help to have a bible just like this.
I am learning God's word right along with my children. This tool could be a big help for all of us....

I have been putting it off though.....

Every day the past month when I am  on the web, I am seeing the this has just placed it on my heart that it is time to purchase and put to use in our home.

I talked to my husband and his response was why haven't I gotten it yet.

Cant wait to put it to use this year.... especially since we have encountered a trial this season that has left us without a church family......

Will blog more about it after I receive....