Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cleaning up Blog

I sure have been neglecting the blog I sat down to read and catch many blogs are gone...a few have gone private. Felicity not sure how to contact you, I missed that you were going private.
I have considered myself even a few times even considered just closing....but I do like coming here it is a corner just for me.

Was nice catching up and seeing how many lives have changed including mine.....I see how my blog post have dropped more and more then since we began homeschooling.

video of MAYS camp


This summer we attended 2 orchestra summer camps. Between the camps and my hospital stay I just realized I never posted our MAYS camp week.

My oldest sang with his friends as they preformed "Back in the USSR".

First day of camp 

Fun at the hotel after a day of camp 

Daddy took us out one night for a nice dinner..things we don't do normally...
 Everyone worked hard to finish school so they could have a summer vacation this year. 

Last day preparing for the concert performance 

This my third born "Pooh Bear" he was in the hall waiting his turn

My second born "Piglet"

Love this picture has my oldest "Tiger and Pooh Bear" together 

Pooh Bear brought his drum and he actually got to play it this made camp for him

This is the cello choir 

The Fiddle choir awesome have on video

We had a great time, laundry, no cooking...was nice to get up go down have breakfast before heading out to a wonderful day with awesome friends and music. 
Then come back to a clean room and swimming.....and relaxing...........was soooooooo much needed........

Aldi's shopping outcome

So a week has passed since I shopped at Aldi....So far it has not been liked in our home.
The quality of their food has been very disappointing. This time I have to agree with my husband, normally I feel he is just being to picky. We had their cheese filled raviolis they were just terrible, the filling tasted like a imitation powder. The potato chips my husband took one bit and asked me what I did.

The cheese there is good price and the quality is not bad at all.

The final decision is that between the drive to even get to Aldi's it is not worth it. I can do better with B1G1 at Walmart and have the quality and brands we like.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shopped at Aldi

So yesterday I tried Aldi for our week of shopping. I did come out spending less but I also walked out with less.

Not sure how people shop there all the time......many items we don't eat. Then with a large family the meats are not packaged for family size. I would have to buy 2-3 packs for a dinner.

I did save on butter and tomato. Oh ice cream also. I feel I do better when I do B1G1 at Walmart.

Getting back to school

We are beginning our school year already. Started on Friday with setting up our books and table...checking out the new books and what to do daily.

Today though is first full day....we obviously loved having a summer vacation this year. It is so hard getting back into school, but we must. Come end of August orchestra begins and need to stay on top so we don't fall behind. Plan could change but as it stands right now we will be in two orchestra's. This is going to require us being more diligent with our day and week.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

On the mend

Now that I have time and can even think straight. Summer began on a good foot I knew it was going to be a  full 3 weeks.
What I didn't prepare for was me in the ER being admitted and surgery the next day.

Week began in Orlando with a week of orchestra camp, awesome fun filled week.
Came home Saturday, plan was to tend to the house and wash all our clothing and repack for another wonderful orchestra camp.

Plans are plans and reality is something else. Early morning hours on Thursday I woke in severe pain I have never felt before, labor would be better. At the ER I found I had an infection and a kidney stone. ER Dr. thought surgery right away but the urologist decided to wait........until......I was throwing up so bad that I was dehydrating even on the IV. By next morning I was being prep'd for the surgery. Turned out the stone would have never passed and I was badly swollen that the stent had to be left in.....between all the pain meds and being treated as if the infection was in my blood has taken a week to even recall everything that went two younger children were with me in the ER and throughout my admission. They were awesome helping their mommy, and texting everyone also keeping in touch with daddy as he worked and had our two older boys.

Saturday afternoon I came home and with meds in hand and began packing for our orchestra camp. Was not going to allow this to upset our plans. First 2-3 days I walked in a cloud, my brain felt fried. It was about Thursday when the headache and the funny feeling went away. I am still sore from the stent it comes out on Wednesday. Not looking forward to it in the office but be glad to be back to myself.

I would say our summer has been very full so far and looking forward to some down regroup before school starts up for us.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Leesburg camp

So this past week my three younger children and I spent in Leesburg with the Central Florida Youth Orchestra summer camp.

We went over Sunday and stayed until Saturday. Monday was the first day of camp, with Friday having a concert of all a week can produce. It really is amazing in all the kids learn in one week.
My husband and oldest came over Tuesday night to spend the night with us, take us out to dinner. My husband found a place called Hurricanes...yummy!!! The best I have had in a long time. The beer battered friend pickles best I have ever had.
As we ate we had an awesome view of Dead River with baby gators. Momma gator did show up but I didn't get a picture.
Made some new friends that I could see being long time friends. Homeschool family with 9 children and she quilts.
This week was some what the close to our summer.... We need to start the new school year...our orchestra's will be starting back up in August so the jump start keeps us on track for the year.
We will still do a summer thing once a week with my dear friend.