Saturday, July 14, 2012

Leesburg camp

So this past week my three younger children and I spent in Leesburg with the Central Florida Youth Orchestra summer camp.

We went over Sunday and stayed until Saturday. Monday was the first day of camp, with Friday having a concert of all a week can produce. It really is amazing in all the kids learn in one week.
My husband and oldest came over Tuesday night to spend the night with us, take us out to dinner. My husband found a place called Hurricanes...yummy!!! The best I have had in a long time. The beer battered friend pickles best I have ever had.
As we ate we had an awesome view of Dead River with baby gators. Momma gator did show up but I didn't get a picture.
Made some new friends that I could see being long time friends. Homeschool family with 9 children and she quilts.
This week was some what the close to our summer.... We need to start the new school year...our orchestra's will be starting back up in August so the jump start keeps us on track for the year.
We will still do a summer thing once a week with my dear friend.

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