Sunday, July 29, 2012


This summer we attended 2 orchestra summer camps. Between the camps and my hospital stay I just realized I never posted our MAYS camp week.

My oldest sang with his friends as they preformed "Back in the USSR".

First day of camp 

Fun at the hotel after a day of camp 

Daddy took us out one night for a nice dinner..things we don't do normally...
 Everyone worked hard to finish school so they could have a summer vacation this year. 

Last day preparing for the concert performance 

This my third born "Pooh Bear" he was in the hall waiting his turn

My second born "Piglet"

Love this picture has my oldest "Tiger and Pooh Bear" together 

Pooh Bear brought his drum and he actually got to play it this made camp for him

This is the cello choir 

The Fiddle choir awesome have on video

We had a great time, laundry, no cooking...was nice to get up go down have breakfast before heading out to a wonderful day with awesome friends and music. 
Then come back to a clean room and swimming.....and relaxing...........was soooooooo much needed........

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