Sunday, July 15, 2012

On the mend

Now that I have time and can even think straight. Summer began on a good foot I knew it was going to be a  full 3 weeks.
What I didn't prepare for was me in the ER being admitted and surgery the next day.

Week began in Orlando with a week of orchestra camp, awesome fun filled week.
Came home Saturday, plan was to tend to the house and wash all our clothing and repack for another wonderful orchestra camp.

Plans are plans and reality is something else. Early morning hours on Thursday I woke in severe pain I have never felt before, labor would be better. At the ER I found I had an infection and a kidney stone. ER Dr. thought surgery right away but the urologist decided to wait........until......I was throwing up so bad that I was dehydrating even on the IV. By next morning I was being prep'd for the surgery. Turned out the stone would have never passed and I was badly swollen that the stent had to be left in.....between all the pain meds and being treated as if the infection was in my blood has taken a week to even recall everything that went two younger children were with me in the ER and throughout my admission. They were awesome helping their mommy, and texting everyone also keeping in touch with daddy as he worked and had our two older boys.

Saturday afternoon I came home and with meds in hand and began packing for our orchestra camp. Was not going to allow this to upset our plans. First 2-3 days I walked in a cloud, my brain felt fried. It was about Thursday when the headache and the funny feeling went away. I am still sore from the stent it comes out on Wednesday. Not looking forward to it in the office but be glad to be back to myself.

I would say our summer has been very full so far and looking forward to some down regroup before school starts up for us.

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Felicity said...

Oh that's awful! Glad you're feeling better. I hate feeling like I'm in a fog. Hope the rest of your vacation is much better.