Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where did Summer go?

So this is our last week of summer here.....we are already back to school books. Which we have started slow with just math, wordly wise and LLATL.  I have one son that overwhelms easy so it is just best to take baby steps with him, he can sit for hours building anything out of anything or doing experiments. But that moment he thinks he is tied down to books, yicks totally unhappy.

 I am thinking of changing a few things around in the history and science area. I dont see a reason I cant work through Apologia general Science with my 7th grader and my younger children. Then after looking at Mystery of History I, looks like it might be a better choice for us I can us it with the multiple grades.

Going to go through the shelve and clean out the book we thought we might use.

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Felicity said...

I haven't heard of the Mystery of History. It sounds interesting, I must look it up.