Saturday, March 23, 2013

A proud mama

Wow what a super surprise that my boy!

So moving to see our son on the cover....makes a mama's heart swell. This is just the cherry on top of this year. I have watched my son grow in his cello playing this year tremendously.


Every spring my boys seem to find the baby bunnies. Living on 5 acres you would think that it would be hard to catch the bunnies. Not for my boys, well yesterday as my oldest was mowing he found several. We now have a baby bunny in the baby duck and chick cage.

They know it is only temporary the wild instinct as he gets older will call for his freedom. Meantime, another baby to raise.

Friday, March 1, 2013


Since we began homeschooling we have used Saxon, Wordly Wise, LLATL. Last year I changed up a little with comprehension book studies, we did more group studies. This year I went back to the old way, just not happy. I have as on that hates math with a passion.....he is really good at it! Since I let him stop his saxon and jsut iuse worksheets as his new book arrives he is happy. No more arguing, I am switching him to Developmental Math, he is looking forward to it's arrival. We are also doing away with wordly wise, no one here likes it, this is what we are switching to megawords. Then last we are going to try out growing with grammar writing. Then we will go back to book studies plus Mystery of History vol 1 and Apologia Physical Science. Everything besides math will be done as a group, I have found it is the only way the work gets finished and correctly. The writing showed up yesterday I am excited after looking at it. None of this work has to wait on me either so if I have a day that work is keeping me from schooling my guys can work on their own or together.

Long road

I don't know what to think anymore, finding a dr to do the last surgery has been very long and at times stressful. I did find a dr, was not sure of then they cancelled twice with me having to waiting a month in between. Anyways I finally did see the dr, and he was nice but at the sametime he was very demeaning towards me. He treated me like I love to have surgery fort he attention, then when I said I wanted to dicuss things with my husband. He turned around and said that some women like to wait so they can build up the attention and drag it out over months.
   I just wanted to cry, seriously....why would anyone (and yes I do know there are some out there) want to be put through surgery and all the puking and pain. Only thing I want is to be alive....I have 4 children, I want to watch them grow up. I just survived colon cancer, my risk of the ovarian cyst being cancerous increases.

I am prayer each day, God has been there and has taken care of me. I must keep the faith for this problem that if it is needing removed God will provide the means and the Dr.

Hard to believe this began July 5th, 2012 with a serious infected kidney stone. I praise God for that stone, it was that stone that saved my life.