Friday, March 1, 2013


Since we began homeschooling we have used Saxon, Wordly Wise, LLATL. Last year I changed up a little with comprehension book studies, we did more group studies. This year I went back to the old way, just not happy. I have as on that hates math with a passion.....he is really good at it! Since I let him stop his saxon and jsut iuse worksheets as his new book arrives he is happy. No more arguing, I am switching him to Developmental Math, he is looking forward to it's arrival. We are also doing away with wordly wise, no one here likes it, this is what we are switching to megawords. Then last we are going to try out growing with grammar writing. Then we will go back to book studies plus Mystery of History vol 1 and Apologia Physical Science. Everything besides math will be done as a group, I have found it is the only way the work gets finished and correctly. The writing showed up yesterday I am excited after looking at it. None of this work has to wait on me either so if I have a day that work is keeping me from schooling my guys can work on their own or together.

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Make a Joyful Noise all ye Lands said...

Hello Tara,
Your homeschooling sounds like the whole family will enjoy learning and growing together.
I like the look of your blog reminds me that spring is almost here.
I am remembering you in my prayers.