Friday, April 26, 2013

MAYS in the NEWS!

I am so excited the picture they used is the one I took at our last rehearsal. WOW!
 I had forgotten to take any pictures. I happened to be walking by and saw all 200 together and was so moved hearing them all come together, performing Mondo Rondo by Daniel May. Which will be premiering this Sunday at Bob Carr. To see more pictures of the 200+ students you can go to  MAYS fb page."

My family loves being apart of the MAYS. I just can not say enough of how enjoyable it is to be around such wonderful people. The Artistic Directors, the Program Manager to the MAYS families each and every person has made the last 3 years a blessing. As for my children and their music, they each have grown so much their knowledge and form with their instruments. I love how they want to practice and strive to improve  themselves without me having to force, nag or demand. I have never heard anyone at MAYS ever speak to a student in any negative way. It is always positive and building, makes it well worth our drive for our family.

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