Monday, September 16, 2013

1 down 11 to go

I had my first chemo infusion one week today. It was an all day event; felt fine came home cooked dinner then went to bed as normal. Tuesday a different story, no one could have gotten me awake. I slept the whole entire day, only remember very small pieces of the day. I know I cooked dinner but don't recall what... Wednesday I wanted to sleep also, but it was the day to go back have the pump removed. Well as the day went on my balance went bye bye. Ended up at the dr until 6 pm on IV fluid from walking into a door and my blood pressure being low. Of course, I slept the whole entire time as my friend sat there watching. Thursday, did get up but it was rough, Friday felt more like myself. Today though was the best! I was me....getting work done not tired and was eating. I am having a side effect in my mouth (jaw) where it feels swollen and sore to open. It sounds like I am mumble when talking hurts to open my mouth to bite. So the dr called in a special mouth rinse and said Advil. The Advil is helping!!!!
My appetite was very low, Thursday I did get sick. Was so tired and needed to cook dinner that I didn't talk my nausea meds. Friday I made sure I did and when I began to feel bad I laid down for a little bit. 
I know the chemo is building up each time...but I really hope it stays this easy. 
I pray and pray that this chemo will put an end to anymore cancer in my body. Tonight as the family ate country fried steaks, mashed potatoes & gravy. I ate carrots, cranraisins, yogurt & water. I did eat a potato roll. I am working on eating plant based foods. I did have tater tots at lunch with dried mango and plums. Actually with my snacking today I probably made up for the days I didn't eat. Bummer since the one positive in having chemo is to lose all this extra weight. The goal to lose is at least another 30 lbs. I am down 20 lbs from when I started this road exactly a year ago. 

Thank you for all the prayers

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