Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3rd treatment

I had my 3rd treatment last Monday, having a harder time getting back to myself this time. The right side of my mouth and throat is sore. I can tell I am coming out of it, I was able to drink my coconut milk this morning. 
Went over to Amercican cancer society yesterday got a wig and some hats. My husband wants me to find some scarves to wear. Guess he isn't to crazy about my bald head, lol. Don't blame him I am not liking it either. I just don't like wearing the wigs all day at home. But the one I got yesterday is easier to wear all day. It is out of my face and short. As the cooler weather sets in they will be easier to wear. 
Last night I was sick not sure why, hit me out of the cold blue. I am finding that with chemo some the effects come a week after the chemo. Trying not to over do....but also not lay around to much trying find a balance.

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