Thursday, November 20, 2014

Been awhile...

Sorry I have been missing, I think often how I need to write again.

Between being on chemo a 2nd time and keeping up with the family business, not much time is left to write. Jonathan's schedule is keeping me busy between keeping the home, and then homeschooling.
Being told I am Stage 4 cancer has changed a lot of my out look, family is #1.

What brought me here tonight is working to make a dream come true for one of my children.

I just started a fund raiser for my son Jonathan to attend a special Orchestra camp in Boone, NC.
Jonathan has such talent with his cello. We are so very excited and proud of Jonathan, he auditioned for the All State Orchestra and MADE IT!!!!
There are only 15 seats we were told don't be disappointed if he doesn't make it, especially being his first time auditioning. Jonathan made it out of 3,000 students. So in January he will be performing in Tampa at the FMEA.

To grow his talent we have been invited to apply to the
the camp has already accepted Jonathan, now it is time to find how to get there.

Please help fund this chance for Jonathan to grow his cello talent. He dreams of becoming a pro..

">Jonathan Summer Camp Fund

Sunday, August 3, 2014


I am trying to get back into keeping my blog up to date. Last couple of years life has taken a turn and everytime we seem to be getting back on track. Our train is derailed once again.....

One day I will spend time telling you my cancer story... meantime I want to build other moms that think they cant keep homeschooling through trials.

Family pushed me to put my children in school, there was no way they could learn while I fought cancer. I stood my ground, I was not throwing my children into public school. They knew home this was their routine. If they were in school I wont go pull them out. Our family was already thrown a wrench, why would I turn the rest of their security away from them.

I did change some of our books to more self driven. If you can ever get a boy to want to pick up a book on their own and do their work, lol.

Our deal was I will not worry about certain subjects, if they did two things on their own. First was Math and the other was reading comp. My one son used Teaching Textbook and they other two used developmental Math. Then all 3 were to read their SRA each day and answer the comp questions. History was taught many days with documentaries on the history channel, science is everywhere.

Living daily life taught them more then any book can, may children took turns at the hospital mostly my daughter. She has learned so much about nursing and caring for her mom. They have been to ct scan, dr appts  and labs. When they went to work with their dad, they learned customer service, drywall, tiling, demo, stud wall building, and even concert.

Beyond this things they learned meal planning, budget making, laundry, cleaning and time management.

As we cross this next bridge, I have decided they can read to me. So we will be doing Anne of Green Gables book study. All three will still have SRA, all will be using teaching texbooks, Winning with Writing which I have called in Aunt and Mimi to help they both are better writing then I am. Winning with writing is also student directed but again if it is going to be done neatly and correctly then adult involvement is needed. There are many ways to incorporate school into daily living. I didn't realize how much they were learning until we were sitting and watching Jeapordy...... They blew me away what they have picked up.........

Relax.....and when days are good spend time loving your children not fighting over things.....

My daughter said I changed, I spend time playing and talking and listening. Not just yelling bout getting things done. Pray with them, walk, talk and laugh....Make memories that mean something to everyone.....

Monday, June 2, 2014

New start

We are finally settling into a home. Hard to beleive everything that has happened in a year. My husband and I feel it is in Gods plan. This house answers many needs our family has and it has many blessings. I also have the blessing of working outside the home few hours a week, but not a lot. Just enough to have sanity. Also keeps me moving which I need to help my body regain strength. 
Warms my heart to see my family happy again. Several people have comment in the change in my husband, he is smiling.

I said I beleive this year felt good that it was going to be a blessed. As the year had progressed, I kept saying it. I know some thought I was nuts as they watched our lives unravel. Here comes the blessings, that I knew we were going to see this year. 
I praise our God for his protection, guidance, and most of all leading us. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Lost time

My last chemo was January 6th. As the time goes by since I keep learning things. Things I said, things I have done and things told to me. These things are is as though I lost 6 months of my life. 
I am trying very hard to acknowledge and hug the cancer free...I am scared...i let go the first time and moved forward, then it was worse then the first. So this time I go through life and try not to think about, just don't have that celebration in me.

I still feel 2014 is going to be a better year. I have joined the gym. I am heavier now then I was before cancer. Determined to be back down to pre pregnancy weight. I have given myself a year, I am working towards juicing again and thinking about what is going in my body. I did it once I can do it again!

Life has thrown my family a wrench, but it is all good. I believe that this is all God's plan for us. God has provided always and he has only good ahead.

On another note my children's orchestra Metropolitan Area Youth Symphony is preparing for their final concert MAYSFEST. This is exciting since we will be at Bob Carr Performing Arts Center!
The conductors, Emily and I have already began the behind the scenes work. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crayola window markers

This Christmas I bought the kids a huge box of Crayola markers with special ones included. One was window markers, we love them. The sliding glass door has had many special messages written all over. The younger 2 love to draw....then today I thought cool can be used for school. 
They have kept the kids and me (lol) entertained for days.

Update Finally!

I was in the hospital the first week of December due to being to sick...after running several tests, they found no cancer. I was so weak I had December off so I could enjoy the holidays. January 6 I went back, at this chemo treatment I had an allergic reaction then began throwing up. By the next morning a fever started 103.5. Admitted again....
I made a decision to stop the chemo I felt more harm was happening then healing...dr agreed. I go back Feb. 24 for follow up and then cat scan to make sure I am still clean. The port will not be removed until after.
Please keep praying, I can't go through the chemo again.... I had every single side effect plus from it. Dr and his P.a said they have never seen someone that had all the side effects plus.