Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crayola window markers

This Christmas I bought the kids a huge box of Crayola markers with special ones included. One was window markers, we love them. The sliding glass door has had many special messages written all over. The younger 2 love to draw....then today I thought cool can be used for school. 
They have kept the kids and me (lol) entertained for days.

Update Finally!

I was in the hospital the first week of December due to being to sick...after running several tests, they found no cancer. I was so weak I had December off so I could enjoy the holidays. January 6 I went back, at this chemo treatment I had an allergic reaction then began throwing up. By the next morning a fever started 103.5. Admitted again....
I made a decision to stop the chemo I felt more harm was happening then healing...dr agreed. I go back Feb. 24 for follow up and then cat scan to make sure I am still clean. The port will not be removed until after.
Please keep praying, I can't go through the chemo again.... I had every single side effect plus from it. Dr and his P.a said they have never seen someone that had all the side effects plus.