Monday, June 2, 2014

New start

We are finally settling into a home. Hard to beleive everything that has happened in a year. My husband and I feel it is in Gods plan. This house answers many needs our family has and it has many blessings. I also have the blessing of working outside the home few hours a week, but not a lot. Just enough to have sanity. Also keeps me moving which I need to help my body regain strength. 
Warms my heart to see my family happy again. Several people have comment in the change in my husband, he is smiling.

I said I beleive this year felt good that it was going to be a blessed. As the year had progressed, I kept saying it. I know some thought I was nuts as they watched our lives unravel. Here comes the blessings, that I knew we were going to see this year. 
I praise our God for his protection, guidance, and most of all leading us.