Thursday, November 20, 2014

Been awhile...

Sorry I have been missing, I think often how I need to write again.

Between being on chemo a 2nd time and keeping up with the family business, not much time is left to write. Jonathan's schedule is keeping me busy between keeping the home, and then homeschooling.
Being told I am Stage 4 cancer has changed a lot of my out look, family is #1.

What brought me here tonight is working to make a dream come true for one of my children.

I just started a fund raiser for my son Jonathan to attend a special Orchestra camp in Boone, NC.
Jonathan has such talent with his cello. We are so very excited and proud of Jonathan, he auditioned for the All State Orchestra and MADE IT!!!!
There are only 15 seats we were told don't be disappointed if he doesn't make it, especially being his first time auditioning. Jonathan made it out of 3,000 students. So in January he will be performing in Tampa at the FMEA.

To grow his talent we have been invited to apply to the
the camp has already accepted Jonathan, now it is time to find how to get there.

Please help fund this chance for Jonathan to grow his cello talent. He dreams of becoming a pro..

">Jonathan Summer Camp Fund

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