Thursday, March 26, 2015

Life full of hills and valleys

If I didn't live the path for the last few years, I wouldn't beleive the story myself.

       When the recession began a few years ago, my family was one on that long hard road. Battling daily to hold onto our home, vehicles and even everyday living. Most of all our faith and love for each other. My husband was always so resourceful, he managed to always come up with money to keep power on for us. The trucks went but he found ways that we always had something. For awhile we were down to one car. Gods beauty and friends with very kind hearts fixed that.
     The house was the hardest, 5 years of battling with the company before we threw in the towel. Finally realizing the company had no intention as the news said to work with the people. (This blog began in that home and on the beautiful land).
    In the meantime, all this, stress my health was being effected. Was sick to my stomach a lot had to begin watching everything I ate. I had all the symptoms of an ulcer. I began having a lot of bleeding kept telling myself hemorrhoids. It was at 3:00am on July 5th, 2012. I was awakened with pain worse then child birth. I had a very inflamed, infected kidney due to a kidney stone. After being hospitalized for 3 days and it blasted out, I went and returned to life.
     My girlfriend asked me what my excuse would be now to not see a dr over my bleeding. My cost share was meant now. I knew she was right and I knew I needed too. You know there is a difference between you knowing you have cancer and the Dr. telling you. The reality I were about to meet.

To be continued...

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