Monday, April 6, 2015

Continued story...

Was on my 43rd birthday. As I was waking, the dr. is called in. They made sure I was not alone. During the endoscope she found a cancerous tumor. It looked like a polyp and she cut into it, right away she stopped and sent it off to lab. With in days it was confirmed, but she didn't wait she already had the references going for surgery. 
  CT scans were done, and I was in surgery with in a couple weeks. The surgeon cut me from belly button to pelvic bone, 6" of my colon was removed. I was blessed it all went beautiful he was able to resect no temp bag was needed. The recovery after coming home was hard, turned out I had Cdiff and UtI. I knew something wasn't right but couldn't figure it out...just knew I was afraid very afraid. These emotions of lost, loneliness and fear were not founded so why was I having them? Barely made it through Sunday, my friend came over prayed with me, and I kept claiming the blood of Jesus. The tears wouldn't stop. Monday morning I knew I needed help, called dr was sent to ER. Needed a ct scan to confirm surgery was having no complications. Thankfully no everything looked beautiful, just infections that needed to be treated. 
  At follow up dr tells me I am T1 which is basically so early cancer that I don't need radiation or chemo. I need to be seen in a year for my follow up endoscope. 
  At 9 months I went in for my one year. Now meantime, we have finally lost our home. We are in middle of packing and moving into a new place that requires a lot of work.
  Dr. Calls to confirm I am coming in for my endoscope. My colon cancer marker is up to 128. Normal is 2.5. 
   I email a friend that is a colon surgeon, he calls me and ask several questions, the answers to them all are no. He says not good enough, don't leave my phone. Within 30 minutes I am scheduled to see an oncologist the next day!

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you have posted...I have been praying for you, and hoping you were okay. Praise God for guiding the Drs. through your treatments!