Saturday, May 2, 2015

The crossroads...

     Wednesday of the week before this past one. My Oncologist office calls, stating they need a referral to see me or I would be considered a self pay. They called a week before my appointment so I would have time to get the referral.  Well I called the insurance right away they gave me five doctors in the area to call. Meantime I put a call into my old primary to find out if the doctor that replaced her would see me.
     Now this is happening on Friday late afternoon. I stopped calling around due to the new dr in my old primary called and made appointment for me saying yes we take that, not a problem lets get you in right away so you don't miss your oncologist. I made arrangements for my children, including get one to orchestra. Drove 30 minutes one way to the Dr, to be told we wont see you. That I was given the wrong information the insurance isn't excepted. Come to find that afternoon and the next morning, there is only one doctor that takes it in the whole area.
  This one doctor in the whole area that takes the insurance doesn't return calls. Now it is Wednesday morning, I must cancel my oncologist appointment. They give me a week and two doctors names in their area that refer to them. Thursday and Friday were crazy days with end of the year concert, so Monday I will be calling and seeing how long it will be to be seen.
     Meantime, I am praying and telling myself to trust in the Lord. Lord provided all the medical coverage and care needed so far, even when I wouldn't go he caused me to go....not sure what this trial is about. I need to be confident I am good, I am in remission and there is no need to worry about death, growth or spreading of this stupid cancer.......
      The biggest is not to get angry over all the forcing of the people to have insurance, but no enforcement for doctors to take the insurance.
      How is this fixing the health system?

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