Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chimney Swifts

About 4 yrs ago these guys moved into our chimney every spring. Winter we had our fire going thinking the nest would be ruined. Then spring came and again we would a loud SWOOMP down the chimney and babies would follow shortly.
At first we would see them in flight looked like a bat. Well that was freaky not the say the least bats in my chimney NO THANK YOU. Realized though those were birds sounds.
Well last night 2 babies fell from the nest. Due to the set we have they were having trouble getting back up. Wonderful hubby helped them back past the heat pipes and back to mom and dad they went.
Of course not before we took several pictures to help us figure out what kind of bird they are, which did not take long at all. Found them in my bird book just about right away. Remember we have been watching them in flight and swooping down the chimney for years now.
They are neatiest bird to watch in flight. The noise they make coming down the chimney is really cool too!


Mrs. Shields said...

how adorable! so wonderful that they have chosen your home to their home, too!

Elizabeth said...

That is too cool. My oldest dd is very into bird watching, she has been working on building a bird garden/sanctuary in our back yard. She would love to have a family of birds nest in our house. Unfortunately we don't have a chimney, just a stove pipe with a cap.