Saturday, May 30, 2009

Year end performances

The little one had her performance first on Sunday night. How cute they were and what a wonderful job. This is really the first time our baby has done something on her own. Already asking to take part next year.

Mimi, Papa and Aunt Mary all were able to come and cheer her on.

One Monday night it was the boys turn. Last string performance for the year. Was the best performance of the year. Turn out to be great. We even had a great turn of people even though it was pouring. Was pouring it was the same week that rain came and came and came.

They were practicing "Evening of Roses".(Jewish folk song) arranged by Daniel May. Beautifully played, how do I describe it I could listen to it over and over.

#1 and #2 performing. It is a very proud thing to see your children learn and grow and doing things you only dreamed of for them. They enjoy it most of all!

#3 son in with his class he has improved in playing this year with leaps and bounds. He stated he has a goal to be in Mr May's group next year and to be there you have to be able to do certain things. Goals are very GOOOD.
Oh course we had our Mimi and Papa there supporting them all the whole way. Thank you Mimi and Papa for your Love and support always!

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