Monday, November 30, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today November 30, 2009

Outside my window...Sun is almost up...the warmer weather is the forecast for today after two very cool days.

I am thinking....the lessons of faith that my family has been learning...praying that I can be understanding to others who are only beginning the journey.

I am thankful for....our God that never forsakes look around there are many blessings.

I am wearing... walking clothes...I lost 10 lbs big incentive to keep going...

I am remembering....last year we had some real bad freezes in January. I am hoping we don't this year...Almost lost all our plants..

I am be doing two walks today.YEAH. Orchestra practice resumes today. Next Monday is the recital...I am excited it is baby girls first time...

I am reading....I wish I still need to finish many.

I am hoping will turn out to be a beautiful day's on Monday and Wednesday right around 3:00 to 4:00 . I do not like walking in the cold....

On my mind....a friend's husband who is sick.. Hopefully he goes to the Dr. today.

From the learning rooms....try to get back into the swing today. Math, music and LLATL.

Noticing that.....time flies by just way to fast anymore...

Pondering these words....."Thanks be unto God for HIS unspeakable gift" 2 Cor. 9:15

From the pot pie.. Tues Ham slices and mash pot. Wed left over prime rib..Thurs ? Friday ?

Around the house....Christmas decorating is beginning. Thanksgiving is packed up.

One of favorite things....holding the very soft bunny rabbit that seems to be very content being loved on my humans.

From the picture baby girl picked and placed just so on her mommies desk.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Update on the baby...

The baby rabbit won't leave....

Twice now we have taken her outside set the baby down. Just will not move, placed her on the deck hopped over to Jon's feet. She is eating and doing duties so, not worried there.

Not sure what to do with the baby....Jon placed her on my desk as I was working and she just sat there.

She is ok she was hopping around her cage last night, scared my out of sleep.

Anyone ever encounter baby rabbits before? Any info would be great..I thought maybe as she gets bigger she may then be ready to go.

Thanksgiving pictures.....

Missed the picture of all the food.....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My one son Jon, not sure how......but this is the 3rd rabbit he has caught.

If you have never felt a wild bunny they are so extremely soft.

Yes it is only a baby was all by herself.

This was a very hard picture to get. It didn't take her long to feel the need to jump.
She finally did make a get away right out of my Nathan's hands.
So onto another adventure, as we are preparing Thanksgiving for 23 or more ......we had to tear out the dishwasher and the trim off my built in bookcase next to the dish washer.

The baby was recovered and is safe and sound to show to the cousins tomorrow. So that all 8 can take part in releasing her back to the wild.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today November 23, 2009

Outside my Window....the sun has begun it's morning journey. The grounds are wet from all the blessing of rain.

I am thinking.....all the things I need to do in the next few days. Trying not to stress over them. I am trying to have mental schedule.

I am thankful....a couple of days with out the children, I miss them when they are gone. I was over due for regroup and refresh.

I am wearing....nightgown soon I will be dressed to begin the day.

I am be understanding, this is a short fall of mine.

I am going....for once not orchestra....I do however need to go finish the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.

I am reading....this should really say crafting...seems all I get to lately. Since Christmas is around the corner.

I am hoping.....thanksgiving dinner comes together nicely.

On my oldest son and his father's bond is growing. I love seeing their relationship grow but I am feeling so left out.

From the learning rooms.....we are taking a break for the next few days. Then when we do the kids found some hands on Egyptian books. So we will be crafting and learning when we resume.

Noticing that......I want to get away, the kids are still talking about the New York trip 2 years ago. They would love to go again.

Pondering these words...."Doesn't matter where we live as long as we are together as a family" husband.

From the kitchen....the next few days easy quick items since I will be so busy with the thanksgiving feast.
Tonight hot dogs
Tuesday Cincinnati chili
Wednesday sandwiches and soup
Friday left overs

Around the house....serving platters are out. Cleaning and cooking just lots of preparations happening.

One of my favorite things....watching everyone come and relax and just enjoy themselves all day.

From my picture journal.....this week a flock of thousands of bird circled my house daily. This picture is only a part of them.
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Thanksgiving Blessing to everyone.......

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A sweet surprise

A dear friend today surprised me with a birthday present.
It isn't even my birthday.

A thoughtful friend that is also someone I have learned I can count on threw many things.
A friend I know will pray with me when needed the most.

With this friend we don't get time together as we once did sharing tea, crocheting or knitting together and most of all our daily talks.

Today I received a wonderful reminder that she still thinks of me as a dear friend; As I her.

I pray this friendship is one that I have for many many years to come.

My friend if you read this you are very special to me and my family! Love you sister in Christ.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner?

I am so excited for Thanksgiving this year.

I have always wanted a huge Thanksgiving. Likes ones I remember during the Navy days. While hubby was deployed, friends would reach out to us that had no one.
Great memories that made the day good in time of loneliness.

This year the my family has reached out to ones that have no one. My SIL is managing a deaf ministry so she has 3 friends coming and my hubby invited friends that have been very gracious and dear to us. And then cousins may be coming from out of town. This is adding up to about 29 people. Wow!

I have the menu planned out already. Monday is the big shopping day! Hubby wants me to take Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare most of the dishes.

Prime rib

mashed potatoes and gravy
spinach salad
yellow squash
sweet potato casserole - hubby is already asking and bragging. (makes me happy)
Stuffing made with homemade bread
fresh rolls
fresh made cranberry sauce and relish

pumpkin pies a apple
cookies for little ones

The appetizers I still playing around with
Deviled eggs
turkey roll up
cream cheese and red pepper jelly with crackers
stuffed mushrooms
or go with the old veggie platter and cheese and cracker

Looking for any ideas anyone has on the appetizers. These listed are just ideas and not sure since I have so much cooking going on already I would like simple easy little prep.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today November 16, 2009

Outside my window...sun is rising giving the clouds the most beautiful fire outline. Little chill in the air with dew covered grass.

I am nice it was to have dinner with friends.

I am thankful for...the time I have had in our country home. Why has having this house been a trial since the beginning. It always seemed to work out and we felt God wanted us here. Now 6 yrs later and we still are fighting to hold on. Every time we are ready to walk away a blessing comes our way to help hold on longer.

I am wearing.... pink nightgown just woke up. Hubbies coffee is brewing, good thing for spell check it obvious I am not awake enough to type.

I am eat healthy. It is hard I love eating the not good for you foods. It is a constant decision to be making. Being away from the house is the hardest. It has begun to pay off so now I have a incentive!

I am is Monday we have orchestra practice our recital is Dec 7.

I am books about all I can fit into the week so far.

I am be a size 10 again. I thought 12 was fat back then oh how I would love to be that today.

On my mind....math, out of 4 children I have one that is having trouble retaining facts. How do I help him? There has to be away for him so it is not so hard and frustrating to both of us.

From the learning rooms....definitely a math lesson. Then we have music, and later silent reading. If time allowing some history.

Noticing that....the year feels as though it is speeding up. Each day goes by quicker, one week to prepare my list for Thanksgiving. We are shopping on Monday then spending Tuesday and Wednesday preparing. Full house this year I am so excited!

Pondering the words...."Remember the days blessings. Forget the days troubles."

From the Kitchen....chicken and yellow rice I think. Need something in crock pot. Tacos and nachos, 15 bean soup, steak and onion sub. Some of the meals for the week.

Around the house....laundry there are piles everywhere I turn. I have never fallen this behind and had such a hard time catching up. Oh I know who the 4 little calibrates names are. I believe they will be helping hang some laundry today.

One of my favorite things....sharing 16 yrs with my husband. Yesterday was our anniversary!

From my picture journal.....ladies tea with family.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Plans for today.....

Lets see if anything goes to plan.

Pick up house. Not a lot to do today, my amazing 13 yr old cleaned the kitchen by himself last night. WITH OUT BEING TOLD!!!

Laundry is started..looks as rain is due today. So we will need to keep an extra eye on the line.

Math needs to get done corrections made and a decision made with my 10 yr old. Is he not getting or not trying? Fact sheets are going to be priority.

I need to get my walk in before all of this or the walking will be lost....and the trampoline sometime before dark.

3 of the children are out playing at the moment which is good they are not trashing the house.

Kids have their choir today so the day is shorter for us with school and chores. Missed last week due to sickness around here.

Now off of here until tonight, washer just beeped ready to be hung. Then I am going for my walk, it is a good thing.

Blessing to everyone,

Monday, November 9, 2009

For Today November 9, 2009.....

Outside my Window....absolutely beautiful fall weather. The breeze coming in the window is so refreshing and enjoyable.

I am Thinking....Thanksgiving is on my mind.

I am Thankful That my husband has parents that love him very much and have never walked away from him.

I am wearing...walking clothes getting ready to do my morning walk.

I am much it means to my husband to have an all from scratch homemade Thanksgiving dinner. I love cooking it for him...a memory for my children.

I am going...drop books off at library, stop at a store and go to orchestra with my 4 children. They are all doing so good with their instruments. The first recital is Dec 7, it is around the corner.

I am reading...patterns..working on Christmas presents does not leave me much time between schooling 4 children and tending to our home.

I am finish hand stitching a quilt I pieced last year soon. I have 2 boys asking for a quilt from mom for Christmas. Trying to figure out how to pull this one off. One doesn't care about the fabric so I could do his easily. The other son wants camouflage which means buying fabric and right now that is not in any budget around here.

On my mind....the families that are suffering from a lost loved one's right now. Two senseless shootings that took innocent life's this week.

From the learning rooms...daily math, reading always and for the oldest memorizing a poem. The other boys grammar and the youngest is learning long vowel sounds. This week the youngest who is 6 just was moved into Saxon 2 math. She is so excited!

Noticing that....the sun is setting earlier. Which means I need to get out sooner for my trampoline work.

Pondering these words....Every time I come to this section. I become stumped, makes me wonder if I ever have any deep thoughts. I am so in the here and now at this moment that there is not much intellectual thinking going on at this time.

From the Kitchen....enchiladas and nachos, tonight. Chili tomorrow, homemade pizza on Wednesday. not sure of Thursday and Friday just yet.

Around the house....Work continues at a slow pace with the remodeling. The drive is not there with the possibility we could lose the house. Prayers are need.....

One of my favorite of my family having a good time.

From my picture Journal...finished piecing the quilt top. Picture doesn't truly show it. After I sandwich I will try to get a better picture.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Wonderful gift!

A pair of violin earrings that were being sold at orchestra. They are so cute. My son took all his money today and bought then for his mommy. What is so special is he has been saving and saving ever penny he gets.... Here is my sweet thoughtful son.

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today November 2, 2009

Outside my window.....a bit dreary looking, temp dropped, more fall like.

I am thinking...the yuck in this house needs to go away. Baby girl has the mucus in her chest now that wants to just hang on. The boys and I are in our 3rd week.

I am thankful for....being able to home school my children.

I am wearing....walking clothes.

I am remembering.....the need to go by library on our way to orchestra.

I am going....try to relax with the as we watch a history video.

I am magazines, ideas for Thanksgiving. Not sure why I normally do traditional but I do like trying something new and different each year.

I am begin to see some significant weight loss soon.

On my mind....meal planning for the week. Making sure the big meals are at the end since the cousins will be here.

From the learning rooms...looking for some good truthful history videos not sure where to begin would like to be WWI and WWII and Vietnam.

Noticing that....even though it has been hot and humid the trees still know it is time to drop their leaves. We just miss out on the wonderful colors.

Pondering these words...The Ten Commandments, been teaching the children the importance of them and memorizing.

From the kitchen...I am thinking chili. It is cool enough finally.

Around the house....decorated for Thanksgiving. I forgot about some of the things I had since they have been put up for 2 years.

One of my favorite things....bright colors of fall leaves.

From my picture Journal...violin practice along with his best friend Gloria.
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