Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My one son Jon, not sure how......but this is the 3rd rabbit he has caught.

If you have never felt a wild bunny they are so extremely soft.

Yes it is only a baby was all by herself.

This was a very hard picture to get. It didn't take her long to feel the need to jump.
She finally did make a get away right out of my Nathan's hands.
So onto another adventure, as we are preparing Thanksgiving for 23 or more ......we had to tear out the dishwasher and the trim off my built in bookcase next to the dish washer.

The baby was recovered and is safe and sound to show to the cousins tomorrow. So that all 8 can take part in releasing her back to the wild.

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Breezy Point Mom said...

Now THAT is amazing. My kids would love to catch a baby bunny. They never stop trying, but our place has too much open space separated by fences to allow them to catch anything fast. Great pictures! Happy Thanksgiving!