Sunday, December 5, 2010

Museum of Arts and Science

Our cable company sponsored a day at our local museum yesterday.

So we loaded up my four, Mimi and two cousins for a day of learning.

I must have really been disappointed the last time I ever went to this museum. I had a great time and we ended up not leaving until 5:00.

We had a great planetarium experience and then a laser light holiday show.  The festival of trees was there and Santa. The children loved the car museum and the coke a cola. The nature trails and the train depot with two train cars.



They also saw a wine pitcher from 250 BCE, learned about a lithograph picture that turns out their Mimi has one in her house from the same artist. Early American furniture and paintings, Chinese history and then Cuban History and we learned about native plant names to our area.

Then they found the children’s science center that was hands on, talk about occupied even at 5 they still wanted to stay longer they asked to do the nature trail again.


We will be going again…….

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Felicity said...

Sounds like you had loads of fun! Hands-on Science is always a hit with kids!!