Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have noticed that I have a new appreciation for my husband. A rekindled love for the man I married 18 yrs ago this month.
We get so wrapped up in work and the day to day living that we forget to tell one another that mean a lot, they are needed and most of all that we are thankful that they are here with us.
Sometimes it takes a wake up call and I
got one. I am spending time slowing down and rethinking how we talk and act towards each other. Making a point to say thank you and I love you and more hugs and more forgiveness

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I was thinking today about a comment a friend posted on Facebook. How so many are talking about Black Friday instead of Thanksgiving. Made me think.....and how I could careless. To race out there fight crowds for things I don't need.
What I have been thinking about and my heart is full of is all the things I have to be thankful for this year.

1. Jesus dying for me.
2. Children and husband that believe the same
3. Family that dropped and changed plans on a moments notice
4. Friends that stood by my side
5. My best friend that comes running every time I need her.
6. My best friend who holds my hand and my children's prays with us!
7. The cancer was found early
8. God providing insurance so that I was able to see the dr.
9. No chemo or Radiation
10. Church ladies that came to see me and the food and the prayers they poured out.
11. The church ladies that haven't forgotten my family since we left church.
12. My children which through everything had to help and be more in a care giver roll.
13. A husband that amazes me...when I am the most disappointed in him he does something that just wipes all that away.
14. I didn't have to worry about work while going through all this...I have a husband that works so I don't
15. Sisters even though far away stayed with me the whole way through
16. The MAYS so many of the families and students that let me know I was missed
17. The friends that came from Orlando to clean my house and brought food.
18. Flowers I received
19. Emily and Maureen for caring so much... Our families are linked together forever.
20. My husband for holding me and loving me.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blessings and Praise

I haven't been able to post recently since right after I saw the dr and received the wonderful news over no chemo or radiation. Cancer was not in the lymph nodes!
I fell sick to 2 infections. The one dehydrated me and the other made my emotions and feelings go haywire. I cried, was scared and depressed all at the same time. I knew something was wrong it made no sense.....God is good and took care of me once again. I was sent to the ER....where they checked for blockage and found I was healing perfectly. It is with God that the 2nd infection was even found. It was at my release from the ER that they decided to even look for it.

It has been a rough road. It is great to be back to myself. I am blessed my husband that helped take care of me (he truly amazes me still of how he can be right by my side at the worst moments) and my best friend and sister Julie who ran to my side and allowed me to cry on her shoulder and pray with me and my children.
My mother in law that dropped all she was doing when I called needing her.

I was told by a nurse in the hospital that I was blessed more then she has ever seen. She had never seen one person have so many come visit and do so much......I am grateful for everyone that prepared food, visited and prayed for me and my family.

This week the labs will be run again to makes sure the infections are gone.